Albany Outpost
Albany Outpost
The Borderline between The Great Khans and Outer Heaven


The Wyoming Wasteland


Military Outpost
Border Controll
Caravan Passage


Outer Heaven
The Fallen Angels

Military personnel:

1000 Soldiers
100 Child Soldiers

War Refugees:


"Here we stood in land during our war with The Great Khans. Here we will stand to defeat any foes who dares occupy our Heaven."
Jonathan Miller December 7, 2294

Albany Outpost, located in The Wyoming Wasteland, is an Outer Heaven controlled outpost in the most western part of Albany, several miles west of Fort Heaven in Laramie. Before the war with The Great Khans, there was nothing there, but after the war it was built for several purposes other purposes.

Outer Heaven - Great Khan WarEdit

During the war between Outer Heaven and The Great Khans, this was one of the last lines of Great Khan resistance. The Great Khans as well as Outer Heaven realized its strategic potential. The Great Khans had warriors hidden in dirt tunnels and snipers at the top of the hills as well as plenty of warriors in the choke point between the hills. When the army of Outer Heaven, The Fallen Angels, arrived there in the sixth of December 2294, there was a bloody last stand for The Khans and a nightmare for Outer Heaven forces. The Khans willingly threw away their lives to kill as many Fallen Angels as possible, fighting not from a distance, but running directly into their line of fire, eventually forcing the Fallen Angels to fight with their bare hands.

After the hours long battle, the casualties were as following:

Great Khans: Forces deployed: 3500. 3412 KIAs, 88 MIAs.
Fallen Angels: Forces deployed: 3000. 2543 KIAs, 0 MIAs, 457 survivors.

The Demon, impressed by the Khans, built a monument to the bravery of both the Khans and the Fallen Angels. Although some FA personnel protested, most fell in line, believing that there was no such thing as an absolute timeless enemy.

Border OutpostEdit

After the war, Outer Heaven adopted the Great Khan tactics. Between the hills, they created the centre of the outpost with underground rooms to surprise invading forces. At the top of the hills, they created sniper camps, however unlike The Great Khans, each with some machine gun infantry to cover their escape if the enemy reaches the top.

Since the war, it has become a major strategic outpost and a major trade route within the Wyoming Wasteland for caravans passing through to reach Fort Heaven or other areas, due to the safety offered by Outer Heaven at the roads as well as the fact that Great Khan raiders doesn't dare walk near the outpost. The Outpost is also used for border controll for people immigrating to Outer Heaven and emigrating from Outer Heaven.

Ambient musicEdit

Albany Outpost

Albany Outpost

Albany Outpost - Combat Theme

Albany Outpost - Combat Theme

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