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alex macdonnen
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Born 2260
Race cyborg

irish-american caucsian

Affiliation New ohio republic{dark hero}


The liberators

Role vigilante,

NOR ranger{former

Location new dayton ranger base
Level 48
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. S.6

P. 7 E.8 C.10 I.10 A.9 L.10

Skills science. speech. guns
Perks cowboy

grunt explorer computer whiz cannibal ghastly scavenger sniper shotgun surgeon and stay back walker instinc

Derived stats red scare

riots ruin reinforced spine whiskey withdrawal

"When i die it will be for a nation i believe in, not because of greed. "

-alex macdonnen, to walker mccadery before killing him in the 2290s

Alex macdonnen is a NOR ranger and former vigilante


Bluegrass  tribe 

Alex was born in bluegrass valley to john  and mercy macdonnen in 2260 John was a solider,by the age 14, the legion had invaded the blue grass valley. his family was killed by the legion 
Alex had found a map of the entire country,

he went to new columbus. 

he stayed there for 7 years, becoming a vigilante  

 joining the NOR

Alex went to camp columbus, an NOR camp, enlisting as a sniper, qickly rising to the rank of major. losing an arm, he was augmented, He was asked to join the rangers, he joined. and was transfered to the New Dayton Ranger Base.he was the leader of a platoon of rangers on an expedition to the capital wasteland, and began the anexxetion of the capital wasteland.

War with MidWest Brotherhood of Steel

the NOR had sent alex and his men to go to the ohio chapter of the BoS and Destroy Them, He Was promoted to Ranger general.


Alex wears the Eilte ranger combat gear which consists of an black leather trench coat, an rattan cowboy hat, avitor sunglasses, combat armour, an sweater worn under the combat armour, gloves,a gun belt, along with a holster and bullets, rodeo jeans, and snake skin cowboy boots.he carrys two 44s. which he calls "fire" and "ice".along with an AMR,brush gun, combat shotgun, silenced AK-47, laser rifle, laser pistol, plasma rifle, plasma defender, custom desert eagles, a bozar and a bowie knife


Karma:very good

Alex belives in  democracy and socialism,this is the reason he signed up with the NOR.Alex tried to get the corruption out of the NOR but over time he got pissed off at several high ranking NOR miltarly members. and was discharged 

He keeps a calm and stoic,yet sarcastic attuide.he loves the wild west and his custom 44s.


The NOR tracked down Alex in alberta,canda,fighting the enclave and raiders by going on missons with his old ranger buddy,Jack Mareadon,both bitter men at this point,Then enclave reinforcements came and they had to go on the vertibird