Childhood Edit

Alex was born in shady sands,his father was a NCR ranger and alex comes from a long line of rangers 

Alex was taught in one of The NCRs many schools.Alex was taught in more practial skills like how to shoot from his father.

Alex became very kind and Patriotic.He had grown to idolize the NCR rangers

Teen years Edit

Alexander enlisted in the NCR army at 16,his father was proud of him for this.After 6 months he joined 1st recon,and after a year he was a ranger.Alex was given his dog as a mine sniffing dog and as a pet,he named him marvin.

Alex Served under Chief Hanlon and began to see him as a father figure.Coming to him in times of doubt.

The MojaveEdit

Alex Was sent into the mojave under Chief Hanlon,was quickly promoted to veteran ranger and was the first of the rangers to see the Hoover Dam,'In all it's Old World Glory'.As he would later say.When general Oliver came to The Mojave,he would order many rangers to back,South of Californa,into Baja.Alex was one of many rangers who went to baja.

Baja Edit

Besides killing raiders,Alex Met his future wife here, Maria Ximena, but once raiders kidnapped Maria,Alexander went undercover,and alex had to commit some atrocities to remain undercover.One of the many atrocities that Alex had to bear was

Rape.He grew to hate the raiders even more after this.

Once Maria was found Alex preped for the attack by making bombs and ammo 

he found her beaten and raped,but she was still breathing.a year later they were married and had a child on the way 

A long goodbye Edit

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