Anna Rose
Anna Rose
Born 21.08.2261 - Freeside, Old Mormon Fort
Race Human, Caucasian-Asian (Caucasian Genes Dominates)
Affiliation The Followers of The Apocalypse
Role Doctor/Scientist/Teacher
Location Follower Clinic, ruins of Salt Lake City.
Level 50
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. ST 4, PE 5, EN 4, CH 5, IN 10, AG 6, LK 6
Perks Educated

Nerd Rage!

Derived stats Health Points: 90

Damage Threshold: 2

"I could, you know... heal you up, let you go on your merry way to farawayville or wherever you're going. Or you could deny my help, as stubborn as you are. But then you would die."
—Anna Rose to an unkown patient

Anna Rose, born 21.08.2261 in the Old Mormon Fort at Freeside, and is the only child of Jack Rose and Jenny Rose. 



At birth, her mother, Jenny Rose, died giving birth to her and thus her father, Jack Rose, took responsibility over the child upon himself. She gained plenty of traits from her father as she grew up, her father was a doctor in the quasi-religios organization known as The Followers of The Apocalypse and she willingly wanted to be trained in order to help people. Starting of at a young age in a Follower school near Nevada, she excelled and constantly got A+. She was renowned a child genius.


As she reached the age of 16, she had already passed all possible tests that she could take. As such, she was allowed to begin at a Followers Medical School quite early. Around the same time, Jack Rose died and she was adopted entirely by The Followers. Around the age of 20 she had excelled in science and medicine. She then went on a Followers expidition through Utah with the goal of finding Salt Lake City, or at least what's left of it, where they had to fight off White Leg raiders. The expedition was a success and they reached Salt Lake City safely. Since, she has established a clinic in Salt Lake City to help local survivors.



Karma: Very Good

Anna Rose is a kind, compassionate, caring lady. At first sight, she might seem like an innocent doctor. And while not being cruel in any way, she isn't innocent. She's mentaly insane, often doing crazy stunts against raiders and unstable ghouls. She also tends to scare the patients more than she's calming them down, even if she thinks she's helping. One can wonder how she's still alive. She simply seem to do the right thing at the right position at the right time almost every single time she does something, whether it is fighting off raiders or helping the sick. Perhaps there's things about this world insane people understands better than sane people?

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