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(Just south of Boulder City, in some kind of pre-war facility.)

  • alarm blaring* *waking up on the cold concrete*

“Ant”: <Ugghh> What the hell?

  • 3 dead robobrains across the medium sized room*
  • gets up checks gear and ammo*
  • goes to door* *door locked from outside* *picks lock*
  • opens door to full legion advance down a large hallway*
  • opens fire allowing a fire and maneuver retreat*

Trooper: Come on!

  • ”Ant” empties Assault Carbine clip into phalanx*

Trooper: Here, Catch! *said a trooper tossing a clip for an Assault Carbine*

  • catches opens fire then falls back just as the door is sealed shut behind me*

“Ant”: Thanks! But we need to get out of here, there's C4 lining the hallways!

Sargent: Make the right three floors up just fallow us!!

  • ”Ant” running with the troopers*
  • Makes it out with the troopers into a kill-box*
  • the mass slaughter only broken once the Veteran rangers storm the Legion positions*
  • A large explosion knocks “Ant” out while making him and the troopers fly through the air..... “Ant” later waking up in a field Triage canter*

“Ant”: <Ugghh>

  • Nurse rushes over* Nurse: Hey don’t get up … not much is holding you together now.

“Ant”: <mmhmm> Damn it. <uhh> Did anyone else make it out?

  • the nurse being silent for a moment*

Nurse: Not many.

“Ant”: I see.

  • After a brief solemn pause*

“Ant”: Hey nurse…

Nurse: Yes?

“Ant”: Who am I?

Nurse: ….

--- --

New Character and setting/location here
Maybe trader / medic conversation?

--- --

Nurse: Sorry I don’t know. We’ve very busy here, I haven’t had much time for anything. The Surgeons’ shifts have been going on what, about 13hrs now?

“Ant”: Sorry to hear that, can I help?

Nurse: Yea. Rest and let the stitches heal. I’m Gloria by the way, Gloria Johnson.

“Ant”: Nice to meet you.

(maybe Gloria fiddles with your I.V. meds so you sleep for a few hours, then the colonel asks the doctors and soldiers about you)

“Ant”: < mmhmm-uhh> *groggily wakes up a few hours later*

(After some time and nurse duties to the others in the post-op more conversation about Gloria’s background and general background.)

--- --

(Command tent, the colonel putting together an after action report & going to interrogate “Ant” the civilian? {this first maybe})

Colonel: Do you remember anything?

Colonel: You seal the tunnels?

"Ant": What are you... Oh. Yeah.

"Ant": Sorry my memory is still a little fuzzy.


{Maybe Legion dug tunnels under the fortifications to breach the facility} {"Ant" was the one who planted the plastic explosive to close the tunnels while the Legion was breaching the facility to maximize the Legion casualties} {Maybe down the line some Enclave Remnants} --- --