The Arizona Offensive is an ongoing war involving the NCR, Legion, and Ohio, that began on May 5th, 2309, when the NCR declared war on Ohio because of the DEF Incident. Subsequently, the Legion declared war on Ohio, to tie up loose ends. The Legion-NCR War is still ongoing, but the Arizona Offensive was an indirect effect of the Legion-NCR War. The Arizona Offensive is centered on the Nevada-Arizona-Utah borderline area, and the Arizona Offensive is a prime example of the Ohio Enclave Division's use of aircraft, such as vertibirds and Connelrad Vestibularies to airlift troops, supplies and vehicles, because the most contested area is surrounded on all sides by NCR and Legion forces. Other surrounding areas involve the Southwestern corner of Wyoming, and the western border of Colorado. There are about 300,000 Enclave troops, 400,000 Legion troops, and 200,000 NCR troops. The Enclave makes use of the area they have captured on the west coast of Washington from tribals to dock their ships during bombardments of the NCR coastline. The OSS Ohio has been deployed to the NCR coastline twenty times, with a five-day bombardment each time. The average deployment for a voyage of that length is 23 days in one direction, restocking of supplies takes three days, and so a full voyage is roughly 49 days. The journey makes use of the Panama Canal, another base that the Enclave has set up. The NCR has responded by making vertibird strikes and using power armor troops to attack the Panama Canal base.

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