Bayaraq Jark Snark
Bayaraq, after winning big at the shark club




Strength: 5 Perception: 6 Endurance: 5 Charisma: 7 Intelligence:6 Agility:6 Luck:7




New Vegas


Intense Training (2)
The Professional
Rapid Reload



Derived Statistics

Hit Points: 225

A semi-professional hustler and gambler, Bayaraq was forced to leave New Reno after various indiscretions against the Bishops.


Born to blackjack dealers in 2256, Bayaraq has been gambling for as long he can remember. His parents, taking him to work at the Desperado, let him run around the casino since they couldn't leave their table until their shift was up. This gave him knowledge of how to play most of the games and how the house advantage works, and how to beat it.

In his teen years this would lead to trouble though, as he started hanging around with some of the city's seedier elements. He and his friends acted like a gang; starting fights, stealing, hustling. While he outgrew the more violent activities as he got older, he never quit hustling and gambling. On an average day he could take tourists for a few hundred dollars and leave before any casino muscle came to stop him.

He made a nice living over the next few years, taking marks for their cash, getting food and blowing the rest at the Shark Club. When he was twenty-five however he had to leave Reno. It started off well, with Bayaraq winning just short of six-thousand dollars at the baccarat table. As he was collecting his winnings, A attractive blonde came over and started to flirt with him. Never one to waste time, Bayaraq quickly bedded her for the night.

Waking just before dawn, he snuck out of the suite on the upper level of the club and headed across the street for a drink at Salvatore's. Spending the best part of the morning getting drunk, Bayaraq finally stumbled to meet his friends. When he arrived they told him several thugs from the Bishops had been looking for him. Having no wish to move to Golgotha, He quickly made the decision to flee.

Having heard of New Vegas from a few marks, Bayaraq decided he might as well try those tables. Arriving at the Mojave outpost a few months later, he was escorted to the City by several adventurers.


Bayaraq is always wearing one of his two suits, always with dress shoes and his slicked back. He is a Caucasian male standing about 5'10" and 160lbs.


Two 9mm pistols



pack of cigarettes

2000 NCR dollars


Growing up in New Reno, Bayaraq quickly learned that you were the only one looking out for you, and others usually wanted to play you. Being a hustler he eyes everyone up and sees if he can gain from knowing them. He tries to come off as friendly and open for this reason, but can just as easily be rude and hostile. He does have a respect for those that can see through his act however, as well as those who are actually loyal. He hates his name and will commonly give fake ones, which also help him remember who knows him and how.

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