• Spocklan116

    Joint Projects

    April 18, 2014 by Spocklan116

    I've been thinking maybe we could do some kind of joint project like an story or something were everyone can add or change etc and me or any other person with a rank could review the edits. It would be fun to see everyones style of RP join together kinda like how I accept/refrence Edens or Evers RP things into my creations.

    One Enclave One America Now and Forever

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  • Spocklan116

    RP Session Tutorial

    April 3, 2014 by Spocklan116

    This tutorial will help you understand how to RP in chat. Now the first thing you need to know is how to talk as your character how to do things and how to talk out of character or OOC.

    When talking use quotation marks like this "Hello how are you today." if you are two characters add a name like this Lachlan Hoffmann: Hello how are you today. 

    Now I will tell you how to do actions to do actions put a Asterisk at the start and end and say something that sounds like your char is doing something *Lachlan uncaps the Nuka Cola bottle and drinks it* it can be used to tell what is the setting in the session *You come across a small town with a bar* or something that is happening in the session *The timer hits zero and the explosives detonate destroying the N…

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  • MichaelDiaz101


    March 2, 2014 by MichaelDiaz101

    Hello, my name is Michael! I've stumbled upon this fine wiki in the hope to create some of my own criteria and interact with other users. Similiar wikis I've stumbled upon have been decayed for quite awhile but this one is alive and breathing. So uhm... Hello!

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  • Raniero R


    February 28, 2014 by Raniero R

    Why ask permission to fix spelling, grammar, syntax, accidence, fundaments, linguistics, morphology and principles, key rudiments, stratification with structure, sentence structure and tagmemics when you can just do it and not have troubles.

    You have no valid reason either. Unless I was changing story or commuting vandalism, which I am not.

    Stop being so backward, and encourage edits. This is wikia; a community site that anyone can contribute to.

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    The Enclave

    November 30, 2013 by ENCLAVE HQ

    Before the war there was an idea, an idea that would change the face of humanity. This idea of course had planing and lots of thought, this idea was for the greater good of the United States of America. This idea was known only as the Enclave. The Enclave is the heart and soul of America today. The only problem is you the people have to believe that the Enclave is working day by day, hour by hour for you! The Enclave never rests and never will untill the beuty of this great nation is restored, even if it means making very hard decisions that may be exstream, know in your hearts that it is only for America's future! God Bless the Enclave.

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  • Kazakevich

    Traditional Weapons and Energy Weapons used by Enclave Personnel operating in the Continental United States. Weapons can be modified at the operator's wish so long as proper permission is received from the company commander. (Captain, Major, Etc.)

    Plasma Revolver

    Plasma Defender

    Plasma Pistol

    Laser Pistol

    Laser RCW

    Multiplas Rifle

    Plasma Carbine

    Plasma Rifle

    Tri-Beam Laser Rifle

    Laser Repeater

    Laser Rifle


    Gauss Rifle

    Plasma Caster

    Gatling Laser

    Tesla Cannon

    12.7mm Pistol 5.7mm PDW

    12.7mm PDW

    Assault Carbine

    Auto Assault Shotgun

    Anti-Matieral Rifle


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  • Kazakevich

    It's another dreary day in the Appalachian Wasteland. . . As a denizen of Thurmite, you find yourself under the constant threat of slavers, raiders, and even the occasional mutant. You're tired. . . tired of simply existing. . . . You turn on the radio, and begin to tune it, when all of a sudden static goes from inelligble babbling to a very clear, very crisp voice. You have never heard it before, but the message it brings intrigues you. . . 

    "My America, this is your new acting president, Richard Dickerson. For decades we have struggled under the constant threat of those around us, not knowing as to whether or not our throats will be slit in the middle of the night for something as trivial as a bottle of purified water. But now, have no fe…

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  • Eden2012


    May 4, 2013 by Eden2012

    (The following is based on my own personal canon, aka fanon, and is not to be taken as true Fallout canon of any kind other than possible RP scenarios. Enjoy.)

    The Forced Evolutionary Virus Phase III, or just FEV III is the third and final amalgamation of the Forced Evolutionary Virus. It is a highly advanced successor of the FEV II, possessing fierce-regenerative abilities capable of essentially granting infectees biological immortality.

    It was, ironically enough, accidentally created by Enclave scientist Dr. Lesko at a secret Enclave laboratory located in Michigan codenamed Conceive while splicing together two weathered FEV II specimens with an older, pre-war FEV I specimen.

    As with the original FEV I and FEV II viruses, the Enclave considers t…

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  • Jack of All

    Knight Paos

    April 12, 2013 by Jack of All
    Knight Paos.
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  • Jack of All
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  • Kazakevich

    The Death Squad

    January 15, 2013 by Kazakevich

    Contracts and Contacts for the Death Squad Mercenary Force:


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  • Chris the Saiyan

    Hello Nukapedians and Roleplayers alike, this is the first official announcement of the RP Wiki polls, where you can vote for your favorite articles!

    Here's how it works: Sometime soon I will allow users to vote on which category we should start with.Then, Five articles will be chosen at random from said category, and you all can vote for your favorites! Here is the catch though... We don't quite have enough articles to keep this running smoothly. So, it is up to you guys to encourage new users to join us, and to make articles. I will open the polls to voting for which category you all want to start with first (No exact time yet), and from there we will go on to regular voting. Any questions about this can be left on my Talk page or right h…

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  • Denis517

    Denis's Fanfic

    July 31, 2012 by Denis517

    Narration By Ron Perlman: War. War never changes. In the mind of every animal exists the need to survive and to desire. When the two interfered in the minds of man, their creation war, always followed. In the year 2077, man enflicted this truth upon itself in a way only it could, with excess, ruthlessness and anger. Man, after generations of living symbiotically with the Earth, ended up killing it when it could no longer support its unreasonable needs. This act of self mutilation was not enough for man to kill itself. Against the radioactive fires of history's temper man had survived, whether by sheer will, by preparation, or by simple chance. Those that survived learned a harsh lesson that only they could understand. War. War never change…

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  • Chris the Saiyan

    Logo Proposal

    July 23, 2012 by Chris the Saiyan

    We've reached 10 articles and 8 users now, and considering how new the Wiki is and it's purpose I think that's a great number to be at. The articles that have been created so far are excellent too. The reason I made this post is to ask if anybody artistic could try making a new Wordmark? The Wordmark is the logo in the top left corner of the pages. Here is our current one:

    If you decide you want to upload a new one, here are a couple things to remember:

    • The picture must be in .png format. There are tons of free converters online if you need to change from a different format.
    • The picture also has to be 250 x 65 pixels or less. The size can be changed in whatever art program you use.

    That's about it! Just upload the file to the Wiki and I'll see…

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