The Boise Boys were a gang of raiders and chem addicts in the Boise Wasteland, before being destroyed by the Cascadian Republic in 2281.

Brief History Edit

The Boise Boys were formed in 2238 using two large raider gangs and one smaller gang of teenage raiders by, The Man. They were formed to prey on the weak and to take what they believed was 'rightfully theirs'. They regularly raided the Union Caravan Company for chems and caps, quickly depleting their stock and raiding for some more. They continued this habit until the Cascadian Republic entered Boise and destroyed the Boise Boys.

The Liberators Edit

One of the members of the Boise Boys gang, Buckskin Ross, went on the form The Liberators, from various surviving, and dead, raider gangs in and arround the Boise Wasteland, where they assault New Boise in hopes of reclaiming their territory.

Leader Edit

Their leader, known as The Man, title, The Man (The Man The Man), was a ruthless chem addict and junkie hoping to use the Boise Boys to give him a large supply of chems. As The Man, The Man got 30% of all the gangs income, food, caps, chems, etc, this gave The Man a large surplus of chems, so much so, that it ended his life in 2279.

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