Brown Military Base was a United States Army base built near the city of La Grande in 2060.

Construction Edit

Construction of the Brown Military Base started in 2055. Because of the nearby construction of Vault 89, along with many other projects in and around La Grande, a large labor shortage plagued the area. The base was to be used as a military checkpoint, training ground, and headquarters for the U.S. Army in Eastern Oregon and Washington and Western Idaho.

The base was named after the first permanent settler in La Grande, Benjamin Brown. The base included a barracks, mess hall, training grounds, an airstrip, hangers, garages, a regional military HQ, a small munitions factory, repair bays for power armor, robots, weapons, etc, military hospital (courtesy of Grande Pharmaceuticals), and other military buildings and installations. The base was completed in 2060.

Sino-American War Edit

With the Chinese invasion of Anchorage and the start of the Sino-American War in 2066, Brown Military Base, along with La Grande, became a rest stop for troops heading to the front lines. Brown Military Base trained troops and, when necessary, shipped them and others out to Fort Wanapum in central Washington to complete their advanced training. Due to the amount of soldiers at Brown Military Base, a black market soon dominated the economy. Items were either bought or stolen from La Grande, then sold to troops at the base. Many of the items were not allowed for military personnel, like chems, while many more items simply added to the soldiers' stock, like cigarettes, extra rations, cards, etc.

The Great War Edit

On October 23, 2077, Brown Military Base received a rather large influx of troops and extra supplies. When Chinese bombs were spotted, many of the soldiers panicked, rushing for the bases underground bunker. ICBMDF-Oregon was contacted and tasked with eliminating as many nuclear weapons as possible. ICBMDF-Oregon successfully destroyed the bomb headed for La Grande, while the Brown Military Base wasn't so lucky. During the Great War, Brown Military Base was replaced with a large radioactive crater.

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