Buckskin Ross is the founder and current Raider Boss of The Liberators. He used to work as a caravanner for the Union Caravan Company, and as a raider for the Boise Boys.

Early Life Edit

Before becoming a raider, Buckskin Ross was known as Winston Ross. He was born in the ruins of Pre-War Boise in 2234 to unknown parents. He was used to the constant threat of raider attacks in Boise, and even considered them as acceptable behavior at a young age. He eventually left Boise to earn caps working for the Union Caravan Company.

Union Caravan Company Edit

In 2259, Ross joined the Union Caravan Company as a way to earn a decent amount of caps for himself. He traveled as a caravan guard and a caravanner for several years, traveling the wastes and reaching settlements from New Canaan, to New Reno and New Vegas. He left his position after returning to Boise from Grande Ronde City in 2264. While in Boise, he heard of and joined the local raider gang known as the Boise Boys.

Boise Boys Edit

After joining the Boise Boys in 2264, Ross became embroiled in the local conflicts, settling disputes with lots violence. in 2269, Ross became known as Buckskin Ross, for his clothing choice after the many animals he slew. After the Cascadian Republic entered into Boise in 2280, the Boise Boys were obliterated in 2281. After this, Buckskin Ross followed on every opportunity he got to get back at Cascadia, with his largest one being The Liberators.

The Liberators Edit

Buckskin Ross organized, oversaw, and formed the raider gangs of the Boise Wasteland into The Liberators in 2282. He currently leads The Liberators from their stronghold in Hidden Springs.

Inventory Edit

Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Buckskin Cape, Leather/Raider Armor Mix, Power Armor (occasionaly) BuckKiller (special Hunting Rifle), Power Fist, 10mm Pistol, Super Sledge Ammo, Fusion Cores, Caps, Buck and Deer Hides, Cigars -
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