Codename Wanderer/The Wanderer
The Wanderer in their black x-03 power armor
Born Unknown
Race Unknown (Possibly Ghoul)
Affiliation Raider (Former)
Role Peacekeeper
Location Glowing Sea
Level 100
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. STR 10

PER 10 END 8 CAR 0 INT 5 AGL 7 LCK 0

Skills Guns

Survival Unarmed

Perks Intimidation

Bloody Mess

Derived stats None

Appearance Edit

The power armor that they dawn seems to be stolen from the Enclave. When they speak it is very muffled as the speaker on the helmet is broken. They alternate between two weapons, a gatling lazer and a barbed/bladed minigun. The gatling lazer is attached to their back.

Backstory Edit

In 2089, the wanderer first appeared in the glowing sea. This mysterious power armor wearing figure barley speaks,only walks around killing off all the glowing creatures. They are but a myth to the commonwealth, as nobody has the will to walk into the glowing sea. Nobody knows why, or what the Wanderer wants.

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