Combat Rifle In Use

Developed before the war as a means to put heavy fire power into a small and controllable package into the hands of paratroopers dropping into China during the Gobi and Yangtze Campaigns, the Combat Rifle is a scaled up version of the Assault Carbine designed for mid to long range engagements. Both internally and Externally it resembles a scaled up Assault Carbine chambered in the Potent .308 cartridge. Large quantities of these rifles were acquired by the Mojave Rangers of Pullerville in 2283 while scouting the areas north of the Mojave Wasteland.

As of early 2284, the rifle was being manufactured by the Gun Runners after striking a deal with Pullerville to provide Gun Runners with schematics in return for a minor manufacturing plant to be used for weapons and ammo production. The rifle proved heavily popular with NCR soldiers who were able to get their hands on one, especially when paired with AP ammo, taking down even the most heavily armored Brotherhood of Steel Paladins.