"Send me where I am needed..."

Operative-38 is an Enclave Commander that served in the Capital Wasteland on the East Coast against the Capital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel. After the Capital Wasteland BOS and Enclave War in the Capital Wastes, Operative-38 was sent westward under the designation Courier 6; his current status is unknown.



Not much is known about this Commander, not even his real name, and not many Enclave personnel even know of his existence. Only the Highest Enclave Command Personnel know of his existence.

Speculation exists whether 38 was one of the Enclave personnel who escaped the destruction of the oil rig or Navarro or if 38 came into existence later.

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Operative-38's background is unknown but to the highest authority within the Enclave. Speculation and rumors persist in both the New California Republic and Brotherhood of Steel that reports of a lone soldier destroying outposts, patrols, and even entire ranger stations. These have been dismissed as false by official sources, but rumors within these organizations and even the Enclave itself suggest that 38 is not even human, but a mutant or an artificial construct of some sort. What is known is that Operative 38 only answers to the highest Enclave Authority and no other, and even in the Enclave many do not know of the origins or status of Operative 38 but reports of destroyed Brotherhood and Republic forces in lands far from the Capital Wastes confirm that Operative 38 is still active.

The Current Status of 38 is unknown but reports suggest he was not in the Capital Wasteland by the time of the Brotherhood's attack on Adams Air Force Base. 

Resurgence (1)


38's current location and mission is unknown; all that is known that was given the designation Courier 6 and sent westward with his last known destination being the Mojave Wasteland or possibly NCR territory.

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