"The Wasteland... It's either you get fucked or you're doing the fucking." -David Thatch


David is 28 years-old. His origins date back to Nottingham, where he was from but later came to the Capital Wasteland. David is a proficient and effective killer. He's very quiet and seems to always be in thought. Despite his reserved attitude he has no problem being outspoken when it is required of him. Deep down he also has a very dark sense of humor which tends to horrify his adversaries. 


David stands at 5'11", and his weight appears to be around 170lbs. He has a very athletic build and is built almost like a Wide Receiver. He has medium length Auburn hair with green eyes. He has claw marks running up his chest from when he stumbled into a deathclaw nest and a baby deathclaw had struck him. He sports customized combat armor that sports his family crest on the right shoulder. 


Born in Nottingham, England most of his youth was spent in a cabin just outside the ruins of London. His mother died when he was a much younger adolescent and his father was a well respected Mercenary. His father didn't give him much attention and he had no other family so much of his childhood was spent to himself. When Allistair Tenpenny moved to the United States his father was employed to intercept them. So they had left England and travelled on the open waters to America. It was a perilous journey but finally they landed in the Capital Wasteland. Little did they know that their arrival was planned for, because as they landed bounty hunters were on the scene to erradicate the threat. His father was killed while he was let to live. With little to no hope of survival in the wasteland. Little did they realize he would hunt them down and exact his revenge upon them. He would then grow up to take on the mercenary status his father once had. 


Strength: 6/10

Perception: 9/10

Endurance: 7/10

Charisma: 3/10

Intelligence: 7/10

Agility: 10/10

Luck: 2/10

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