Dick Anderson is not a real character in Fallout. He is used for entertainment purposes only. If you want permission to use the character, please ask.


Dick Anderson is a normal, teenage boy, struggling to survive in the wasteland of the apocalyptic world known as Nevada. He lives in Primm with his parents.

Combat ExperienceEdit

Dick doesn't have much combat experience. He's killed radroaches and mole rats, but other than that, he isn't very handy in a battle.

Internal ConflictEdit

Dick's parents were killed by mole rats while he was out scavenging. To this day, he is scarred by the image of his parents death, and seeks revenge on any mole rat he sees.

External ConflictEdit

If you're a fan of Fallout, you know what the weather in the wasteland is like. Some problems are dehydration, starvation, and heat stroke.

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