Age: Unknown

Race: Unknown


Level: 15Edit

SPECIAL Stats:Edit

  • Strength>7
  • Perception>4
  • Endurance>8
  • Charisma>3
  • Intelligence>6
  • Agility>6
  • Luck>6

Tag Skills:Edit

  • Melee Weapons 55
  • Sneak 48
  • Survival 59


Traveler's Pack (80 Lbs.)Edit

Body Edit

  • Modified Leather Armor
  • modified goggles helmet

Weapons Edit

  • Rock Breaker
  • stained combat knife
  • 10mm hard-hitter


  • Purified water (2)
  • Gecko bits
  • salted brahmin steak
  • worn-down canteen (empty)


  • duct tape
  • scrap wood


Dirgis has remained mysterious about his past, often avoiding the subject when brought up. He has also been mysterious about his appearance, as his leather armor and mask covers all of his skin.

Often drifting from place to place, Dirgis seems to have a mysterious, unsafe aura about him. He has not revealed his real name to anyone, often asking them to "pick a name" for him. He has been called the "puny mutant", "roving alien", and even "skinny gecko". Part of it is his helmet's goggles, which have green lenses. Either way, Dirgis has often reassured himself to be human. [to be rewritten]

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