A highly advanced, yet somewhat controversial form of cybernetic and cerebral implants overhauled from research and development into the old and outdated Domestication Unit Phase I's (DU-I's) previously utilized to mind-control deathclaw creatures, ultimately using research data collected from Vault 92.

In the mid to late 2280's, it was used by the Enclave to quickly and efficiently indoctrinate unknowing Wastelanders into Enclave Conscripts that did not find their origins on the Poseidon Energy Oil Rig into completely loyal, but much later, physically unhealthy additions to their ranks. Although originally mandatory for new recruits and highly carried out with no reported witnesses, it's utilization has been mostly phased out because of a moral outrage from Enclave Scientists with a lot of pull within Enclave High Command that threatened a power struggle, and instead opted for a reactivation of the Selective Service System.

Although uncommon, if not an anomaly for one to actually personally witness it, a few surviving veteran Enclave units are still (albeit rarely, if ever as of the 2290's) charged with 'Conscription' assignments to abduct and implant Wastelanders in isolated locales for 'the sake of continued stability of Enclave logistics and headcounts', molding them into support role Enclave Conscripts.

Gameplay effectsEdit

  • Automatic and permanently locked 'Liked' Enclave reputation.
  • Unable to wear anything other than Enclave Conscript advanced power armor mark II and Enclave Conscript advanced power helmet mark II.
  • +10 Radiation Resistance.
  • Randomly face a -1 to Endurance penalty that will disappear and return with increased frequency overtime, and permanently face a -2 to Charisma.