A typical result of the facial changes experienced after a successful cybernetic implantation of the Domestication Unit Phase II alongside other cybernetics used to complement it for consistent effectiveness. An Enclave Conscript without his/her helmet might be one of the rarest (and most disturbing) sights for anyone to encounter...

""Hrmmm... what about the means to assume control over individuals through special interrogation techniques?" "No, no... we need something more concrete and reliable than that." "I'm not sure where else that could lead us other than a concentrated hypnotic drug of some sort, using this white noise jibber-jabber as the basis." "... Can we assume total, unadulterated control over an individual to the point where he or she will do our programmed bidding and nothing but... against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature, such as self preservation...? "We're gonna need pens full of near-human guinea pigs to try out and prototype these extraordinary techniques...""
—The breakthrough conversation between the three original developers of the DU-II, with it's completion and mass-production initiating steadily days after...

The Domestication Unit Phase II's, often shortened to DU-II's, is a highly advanced form of mind-control technology developed by the Enclave from older model Domestication Units (DUI's) that were used to take control of Deathclaw populations for use as biological weapons using research data acquired from Vault 92.

Background & OverviewEdit

The 'DU-II's', as they are commonly shortened to by Enclave personnel, are utilized as dark tools of subliminal indoctrination on a humanoid subject, instilling a permanent, robust sense of servile loyalty and servitude within a matter of hours into the wiring of their brains.

Wastelanders were abducted and implanted with these devices by 'rogue' Enclave reconaissance teams and Enclave Onyx Troopers in order to fill cumbersome voids of manpower in the Enclave's decaying and overwhelmed ranks, becoming known as Enclave Conscripts...

History & LegacyEdit

The Enclave's experiments with mind-control technology via the Domestication Unit I to subliminally control Deathclaws via their cerebral cortex for their original purpose as biological weapons of war. Continual study into it's cause and effect eventually allowed the organization's most elite Research and Development scientists to, after a long and grueling development process using incomplete research data acquired from Vault-Tek Vault 92 develop another version with a far more sinister capability: the Domestication Unit II...

It has ultimately been utilized by Enclave recon teams to abduct and instantly indoctrinate physically and/or mentally capable Wastelanders once implanted, converting them into absolutely loyal Troopers or Scientists, increasing their crippled numbers to larger, more acceptable levels.

Much later however, due to periodic and particularly outspoken concerns and reservations from some of the Enclave's new generation about the long-term negative effects on the endurance of a DU-II recipient impacting their combat performance, as well as from certain Enclave scientists outright morally outraged at this deployment of the DU-II's threatening a power struggle in the fragile and vulnerable Enclave High Command.

As a result, the DU-II was discontinued for any sort of consistent or recurring field deployment by the Department of the Army by official mandate reluctantly passed by Enclave High Command out of fear and necessity for the Enclave's sensitive remaining organizational structure.

As of the mid to late 2290's they are rarely utilized and instead, likely doomed to collect dust in the limited supply depots of secret, deserted Enclave bunkers or manned refueling outposts eccentrically scattered across the North American continent.


A newly commissioned Enclave Conscript enters service.

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