The Eisenhower Airship
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Appalachian Wasteland


The Enclave

The Eisenhower Airship is the Enclave Vertibird Corps' main base of operations in the Appalachian Wasteland. It's main purpose is to spearhead assaults into uncontrolled and otherwise entirely hostile territory in order to neutralize any existing threats. It was the main weapon used in the Battle of Thurmite in order to gain control of the town from slavers and raiders, who then retreated to larger city of Frederick to the south.

Development and DeploymentEdit

The Eisenhower Airship was a Post-War effort to spread the influence of The Enclave through means of air superiority. It was designed and developed by Enclave Scientists and Engineers, and built by Conscripted Patriots in the Appalachian Wasteland. After it's completion in 2280, it was pressed quickly into service and used to secure the town of Thurmite, which was considered a strategic victory by Enclave High Command. After it's first victory in combat, it was quickly shifted to offensive operations along Route 15 southbound towards the anarchic city of Frederick. It was here that it was tested against an opposition known as "The Hidden Eye". A large paramilitary group formed out of Frederick that dealt in chems, slaves and prostitution. It was noted by Enclave Recon Commandos that members of The Hidden Eye were very well armed and very well trained due to the location of the Army Fort Detrick within The Frederick Ruins.

During The Battle to secure Frederick and the surrounding area, The Eisenhower sustained heavy damage from Missile Launchers and Red Glare Rocket Launchers. The Damage was considerable enough to force the crew to perform a controlled crash just outside of Thurmite. With their main battle station now incapacitated, The Enclave had to forcibly tighten their grip on the area through large vertibird patrols over Frederick and Route 15. The Eisenhower was heavily guarded and barricaded, leading to it being used as a temporary facility for ground operations in the area against The Hidden Eye.

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