An Enclave Shock Trooper in pursuit of deserters to the Enclave.

"No one leaves the Enclave...!!"

– Trademark words from an Enclave Shock Trooper to their Enclave deserter target(s).


Enclave Shock Troopers are an elite, seasoned variant of Enclave Trooper that were slowly and stealthily pressed into active service to act as a secret military police of sorts, shadowy vanguards, and all around by, and for Enclave High Command in the 2290's. Although some Enclave records document these soldiers as being dubbed 'Shock Troopers of the High Command', most important records or documents finding themselves in an Enclave High Command coucil session identify them as 'the Protectorate's'...


An Enclave Protectorate Team Leader, circa late 2280's.

The Protectorate'sEdit

As they answer to absolutely no one or nothing but Colonel Augustus Autumn himself and those with the most pull in Enclave High Command, the shadowy core of what remains of Enclave leadership that consists of high-rank veteran commissioned officers (such as Warrant Officers, Majors, Lieutenants, and Colonels) as well as surviving elite squadron commanders for unique and deadly cells of the Enclave's Department of the Army such as the Secret Service and Sector Patrol & Border Watch.

Just as it became evident to them that the clear and obvious presence of a command structure to enemy eyes would result in the Enclave's death... it later became evident to them that internal infighting, disloyalty and disillusion with the Enclave goal, and all-around miscommunicating inconsistence, was no longer acceptable.

To combat such, elements of High Command formed this variant of Enclave soldier from old Enclave units such as Control Company and Sigma.

The Protectorate Shock Troopers are routinely sent in when an entire organized cell or element of the Enclave is determined by Enclave High Command to no longer be useful to or otherwise, loyal to them or the Enclave cause, to slaughter every living thing to the last man and woman... and abducting any children or young adults to be re-educated back into the Enclave.


The Shock Trooper is lightly armored but makes up for this by being extremely fast and evasively dexteric. They rarely seek cover, and will instead push forward and run to the enemy to overwhelm and flank them with a ferocious grace. They will sometimes throw smoke grenades ahead of them to conceal their movements and make it hard for you to target them.

Most notably, they are unique for their eccentric (but frequently deadly) strategy of rolling and zig-zagging during combat to further increase their evasiveness. They typically carry a reverse-engineered model of the 12.7mm submachine gun (which is almost always dangerously lethal at close or pointblank range) or more rarely, an upgraded H&K-P90c assault rifle.


Enclave Shock Trooper closeup.

Armed in a stately gray uniform of the sturdy High Command trenchcoat, advanced Enclave gas masks for constant filtration of the hazards if any, and an exclusive gray garrison cap to make their untouchable rank obvious to their comrades, and too intimidate or demoralize their enemy...

Enclave Symbol (FO3)
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