Eric Clyde is a Vault Dweller from Vault 1, exiled in 2281 with Sakuri Tai.

Eric Clyde
Vault 1
 RaceCaucasian Human
 AffiliationVault 1 (former)
 RoleVault Dweller
 Current  locationAngel Island, New California
 SkillsEnergy Weapons
 ApparelArmored Vault 1 Jumpsuit
 WeaponsTesla Rifle
Tesla Pistol
Bladed Aluminum Baseball Bat
 Aid itemsFull Medical Kit
Nuka Cola
Vault 1 Canteen
 Other  itemsPipboy 3000 Mark 4


Tough, open minded, adaptive, and protective of his loved ones describes Eric well.

Equipment and SkillsEdit



Being exiled from his Vault, Eric has Armored his Vault 1 Jumpsuit with various pieces of leather and kevlar to boost its defensive capabilities significantly.


  • Tesla Rifle: A modified version of the Laser Rifle; with a focused muzzle, electric sniping barrel, marksman stock, and long range scope, effectively creating a Focused Laser Assisted Electric Sniper Rifle. The high powered electroshock beam burns three microfusion charges per shot with a required cooldown time, lest its condition deteriorate from overheating. This weapon is very effective on normal combatants, but truly shines as a weapon used against robots and power armor.
  • Tesla Pistol: A quick firing electroshock sidearm, this laser pistol is modified with a tactical grip and electric assault internals for better hip fire accuracy and fast rate of fire.
  • Bladed Aluminum Baseball Bat

Eric's arsenal; Focused Laser Assisted Electric Sniper Rifle (top), Bladed Aluminum Baseball Bat (bottom left), Tactical Laser Assisted Electric Assault Pistol (bottom right)


  • Medical Kit
    • Stimpacks
    • Med-X
    • RadAway
    • Rad-X
    • Etc.
  • Nuka Colas
  • Vault 1 Canteen


  • Pipboy 3000 Mark 4


Life in Vault 1Edit

The son of Vault 1's Overseer, Eric Clyde was born in 2257, raised in Sector White, the "American" part of the Vault. Life was more or less normal, aside from the fact that he was not allowed to fraternize with the Red Sector's inhabitants, them being descendants of Asian heritage. He grew up as one would expect to live in a Vault, with the exception of everyone being very careful as to how they treated him, either out of fear or respect for his father, the Overseer, who was a just man, by all accounts, if a bit "too fair" towards Red Sector's population. His sentiment was not shared by the majority of the White Sector, still harboring old world prejudice against the "Reds".

When he took his G.O.A.T., he found himself selected for Vault Loyalty Inspector, a job that did require him to involve himself with the Red Sector, particularly with a Dweller being bullied by White Sector delinquents, Sakuri Tai. These two soon formed a relationship, despite it being forbidden by the Vault's old rules from when it first closed. With no small amount of discretion, he and Sakuri dated in secret until two years later, when they were discovered by a member of the security team, formerly a delinquent from the White Sector elite.

His father could do nothing, the elite demanded they either be executed or exiled. Not wanting to be the one to order his own son's death directly, he armed Eric with a laser pistol, several energy cells, and a Vault canteen. Sakuri was given a canteen and was allowed to take her father's katana as her weapon to the surface. Then, the two of them were forced out onto Angel Island.

Life in New CaliforniaEdit

Trivia and Author's NotesEdit

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