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This page is a basic set of rules for application during a role playing session. Laid out are a group of small do's and do not's. Refusal to follow the rules will follow with a kick. Any further infractions can result in longer and longer bans. The escalating ban adheres as such: 1 day → 3 days → 1 week → 1 month → 1 year → Permanent.


1) You must have a character of some sort. You can choose to use one from any of the Fallout games or one that you created yourself.

  • If you choose a character from a published game, you are expected to act in a manner that reflects the character you chose (i.e. no making Frank Horrigan into a ballroom dancer). The character must also not be a predetermined player character.
  • If you draw inspiration from another character elsewhere, a character model and background is required. Direct copies of the character and its lore will result in a warning or ban as it pushes other users' willing suspension of disbelief.

2) You must have a general familiarity with Fallout's lore.

  • You are not expected to know the fine details and intricacies of the Fallout universe, but you are expected to have a basic understanding of the major regions, well known factions, and people.
  • You are not expected to know a user's fanon right off the bat, but it is a good practice to familiarize yourself if possible. Ask the other user if they would be willing to give you a synopsis, if possible.


Rule 1 - Participate, spectate or leave. Disrupting an RP will result in a warning, followed by a ban if you continue to be disruptive.

Rule 2a - Do not use offensive language in the RP's, no matter who your character is. The use of any pejoratives based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality or religion is a bannable offense. Sexually explicit content should also be avoided and will result in an immediate ban.

Rule 2b - Swearing is permitted as long as it is used sparingly and appropriately.

Rule 3 - Absolutely no "God Mode Sues" or unkillable characters. If this happens, expect a warning. Further instances may result in a ban.

Rule 4a - No killing other roleplayers unless determined as alright by the target. If they do not respond for whatever reason, you are not to kill them.

Rule 4b - If the green light is given, don't simply put *I killed (other character)*. To do so is unfitting and almost insulting to the other user's creativity as it paints their character as not even being worth the effort of killing. This will result in a warning first, followed by a ban and dismissal of your actions if you refuse to roleplay it.

Rule 5 - Stay on topic in the roleplay session. Keep discussions with others not related to the roleplay in private message on a separate thread or on the Discord server.

Rule 6a - When roleplaying in discussions, do your best to write down your actions in a way that easy and fun to read, similar to what would be published in a book. For example: instead of Roscoe fired his gun at the ghouls, use Once Roscoe back up against the wall, he realized that his goose was cooked. He reached behind him and pulled the 9mm pistol from out of his waistband, taking aim at the feral ghouls that were barreling toward him. With a deafening report throughout the canyon, he mindlessly discharged his handgun, screaming, "You ain't gonna eat me!"

Rule 6b - When in chat, use brackets when talking out of character when necessary and quotations to denote speaking. This differs from Rule 6a because chat roleplays tends to be fast paced and don't allow for the amount of thought available in forum RPs, which are not usually time sensitive. Use the brackets to ask for permission to kill or permission for allowance of the rules allowed above.

Rule 7 - the person who creates a roleplay is considered the game master and therefore holds more power over the story and direction of the RP. They may interject between established posting orders if they feel it is necessary to progress the story, such as respond to others in character or immediately react to something another character did.

Exceptions can be made at the moderators discretion, and contacting staff in these cases is encouraged.