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<gallery source="template" type="slider" orientation="bottom">
Main Page Picture.jpg|Welcome|linktext=to the Fallout Roleplaying Wiki!
Main Page Picture.jpg|Welcome|linktext=to the Fallout Roleplaying Wiki!
EnclaveFlag.png|The Enclave|link=The Enclave|linktext=The United States ''does'' still exist...
Legionary.png|Amadeus|link=Amadeus|linktext=Ave, true to Caesar!
Wyoming Wasteland.jpg|Wyoming Wasteland|link=Wyoming Wasteland|linktext=And you thought pre-War Wyoming was bad...
Cayuga.png|Cayuga|link=Cayuga|linktext=Big, dumb and a long way from home...
Freedom Map-0.jpg|Free People Association|link=The Free People Association|linktext=...liberty and justice for all.
Komodo dragon render.jpg|Komodo dragons|link=Komodo dragon|linktext=The geckos back west are pipsqueaks to these MLA pets.

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Welcome to the Fallout Roleplaying Wiki

This is a wiki for role-playing and creating fan fiction based around the Fallout universe. The Fallout Roleplaying Wiki currently has 470 articles, but you can add more!

You can enter chat to the right and participate in the roleplay, or you can create a page for your character to establish them for other users to see.

Make sure to check out the rules about roleplaying before roleplaying in the forums or chatroom.

Information about the Fallout series and its canon can be found on Nukapedia.

Designing your character...

There is no limit on how many characters you can create, so have fun! Create your characters by adding a new page. To get started, include your character's name, their SPECIAL stats (which should be from 1-10 and equal 40 total), and three tagged skills from Fallout: New Vegas. See the character infobox template for other important statistics to include. Include a backstory, personality and any other pertinent details to bring your character to life!


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It is currently 09:01 UTC, on Monday, June 1.

There are -1 active fan-fic writers on this Wiki.

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