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'''[10/11/12] - There is no current news.'''
'''[10/13/12] - The [[Fallout Roleplaying Wiki:Chat|chat rules]] have been updated, please take a look at them before Roleplaying.'''

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Welcome to the Fallout Roleplaying Wiki

The Wiki for role-playing and fan-fic based around the Fallout universe.

The Fallout Roleplaying Wiki currently has 471 articles, but you can add more!

You can enter chat and participate in the roleplay below, or you can create your character on your user page to establish them for other users to see.

Make sure to check out the Rules before entering the chatroom.

Live! Chat

Information about the Fallout series can be found on [1].

Designing your character...

On your user profile, edit your page to have information about your character. Add the characters name, Their SPECIAL stats (Should equal out to 40 and be from 1-10) Select 3 tag skills from Fallout: New Vegas, a backstory and any other details you may want to add.

We will work out times of Roleplaying later on, but it will be pretty informal.


[10/13/12] - The chat rules have been updated, please take a look at them before Roleplaying.

It is currently 18:04, on Friday, July 3.

There are 1 Roleplayers on this Wiki.

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