Interior of the fortified Colusa complex.

Falls Edge/Colusa Base


Faction Headquarters
Vital Faction Outpost

Non-combatants and citizens:

300 Enclave science/R&D personnel inside Falls Edge and around Colusa.
75 Enclave doctors and engineers from Watershed inside Falls Edge and around Colusa.
80 Enclave citizens integrated from survivors of both Vault 27 and Vault 110 in Colusa.
20 post-Eden survivor Enclave citizens living inside Falls Edge.

Enclave Department of the Army personnel:

200 standard-variant Enclave troopers are stationed at Colusa and live inside Falls Edge.
25 Tesla Troopers guard inside Falls Edge.
85 Enclave Shock Troopers guard inside Falls Edge.
70 Enclave Onyx Troopers recon and patrol all-around Colusa and deep inside Falls Edge.
20 Enclave Specialists also loiter all-around Colusa.
Total population: 865


The Enclave - Last, final headquarters containing all the Enclave requires for it to maintain it's organizational existence.
Raven Combine - Imperatively vital funding for the Raven Combine transfers to and from here and to them, a single interruption could quite possibly bankrupt the entire Combine.
Outer Heaven - A small outpost and/or embassy occupied by a number of Outer Heaven members may be found here.

Leadership Source:

Enclave High Command:
Colonel Augustus Autumn - Commander-in-Chief over the entire remaining organization of the Enclave.
Special Agent CRONOS - Commissar Guard's field officer/Secret Service leader
William Ekerd - Department of the Army Senior Officer, and an important member of Enclave High Command.

"A cold, haunted... and loud place. The poor souls within; cursed and haunted by the corrupted shadow of the Old World, looming over them even still as if vanguarding over them. But... when I did what they told me to do one day; let them poke my arms with their horrible bloodsucking needles while they tap into and stare at their bright button boxes... they have provided me with food and water in exchange that has kept my baby child from starving and dying. It is even rumored that some of those who enter or visit this place that were not already there before however... are never to return, as if falling from the tip of the edge of the very world itself! But that didn't happen to me, they even still help me today if I stand and show them my eyes for awhile!"
—A female tribal scavenger, trading for and buying nutrient supplements granted to her from both the personnel stationed at Colusa and Falls Edge, and the near-infinitely advanced technological marvels hosted throughout it.

Enclave High Command tactical center border, Falls Edge.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Falls Edge is the current, and imperatively final main base of the Enclave, located on the beachy coast of Rhode Island. It is the absolute heart (and soul) of what little remains of the faction's organizational capacity: it's leadership, Enclave High Command. Despite recurring misconceptions on the behalf of certain, short-memory Enclave personnel, the entrenched tactical center housed on the beach itself is named Colusa, whilst the aircraft carrier itself is recognized as Falls Edge in official Enclave records, and rare but recurring public relation efforts...

Background information[edit | edit source]

The enigmatic, and mysterious cabal of surviving, veteran Enclave officers and non-commissioned officers; Enclave High Command, is housed on the bottom level of the aircraft carrier visibly resting just beyond the heavily entrenched, and fortified tactical center of Colusa on the beach under the constant and vigilant vanguard of the vast majority of their Protectorates. Enclave High Command personally oversee, or are otherwise heavily involved in every remaining organized action of the Enclave as of the very late 2270's.

Main perimeter at the entrance to the Colusa base... the fortified Falls Edge aircraft carrier is visible from here.

The now no longer functional aircraft carrier itself that they had been utilizing as safe haven and to stay off of the wider Wasteland's grid completely for many years, was converted into the very last remaining VTOL Vertibird construction and maintenance zone under the direct command of the newly arrived Colonel Augustus Autumn, now unanimously dubbed the Enclave's commander-in-chief out of loyalty and respect for the good Colonel's ultimately failed vision for the Capital Wasteland under the Enclave.

Although it takes on average nearly an entire half year for a single new Vertibird to reach completion because of the increasing lack of integral components, the Enclave has been able to maintain it's access to and utilization of Vertibird fuel with the recycling of fusion technology. This method of desperate resource management is quickly polluting the entire coast of Rhode Island and it's irradiated salt waters however, and is projected to possibly have an effect on the entire state by the beginning of the new century.

The interior of Falls Edge that is not the first and/or fourth level hosts a huge, sophisticated laboratory and living quarters for Research & Development, the Enclave's division of science and scientific efforts, to go about their projects with relative freedom and zero complaints... other than the decaying metallic smell and weathered appearance of the interior (and the exterior) of the now-ancient, decommissioned pre-War Navy vessel.

Two Falls Edge Enclave troopers scout the desolate post-nuclear beach closely bordering the old and immobile Falls Edge aircraft carrier headquarters.

Inhabitants/Manpower[edit | edit source]

Enclave troopers donned in APA MK II power armors and sporting P94 plasma assault rifles, Laser RCW's, and tri-beam laser rifles patrol and scout the beach, it's borders, and sometimes lead expeditionary squadrons to chart and map new nearby territories or rarely, even conquer them.

They carefully and punctually document any Wastelander traffic, yet rarely interfere with or impede the timid and humble tribes that populate fairly close to their whereabouts, instead opting to focus their belligerence on that which is belligerent towards them, or has been before.

An Enclave Specialist setting up composite barricades and stationary pulse fields on the first floor of the Falls Edge headquarters.

Enclave Specialists, non-combatant in role, but heavily armored and highly capable technicians/engineerical experts accompany or otherwise offer consistent, tactical, and defensively engineerical aid to the Department of the Army, even under the rarity that a Secret Service Unit is sent in to rescue abandoned or 'lost' Enclave personnel, they continue to faithfully optimize Duraframe alloy barricades, pulse field technologies, planting and arming plasma mine fields, or personally manning emplaced turret defenses.

A large and organized gang of marauders once terrorized the locale surrounding the new Enclave capital, but they were promptly and utterly hunted down and killed systematically by the likes of a four-man squad of the Enclave's Onyx Troopers, elite, deadly, and shadowy 'hands' of the Enclave High Command itself.

In cooperative fashion, the marauders' abodes being used as regroup points for their own, were subsequently obliterated mercilessly by newly utilized pre-War howitzers and anti-air craft (AA) guns, set up on the right side of the Falls Edge aircraft carrier and later the borders of the Colusa complex, the former hosting the more powerful version and caliber, the latter only placing two low-caliber but highly suppressive AA guns in their barricaded trenches that has yet to be truly utilized, much preferring a increasingly-sizable plasma turret array.

Falls Edge Enclave trooper guard, circa year 2285

Behind the Scenes/Trivia[edit | edit source]

The name for the tactical center facing Falls Edge itself, Colusa, is in homage/reference/etc to what developers for Fallout 2 originally intended to name Navarro.

Enclave High Command's war room on the fourth and final level of the Falls Edge aircraft carrier.

Soundtracks for immersion[edit | edit source]


Killzone 3 - Stahl Arms - Exploring Stahl Arms - THEME MUSIC

Falls Edge's themesong


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Call of Pripyat OST - Theme of Pripyat. Day

Colusa's themesong (Please note that for purposes of immersion, the Russian broadcasts heard in the video are meant to be interpreted as loud, somewhat unintelligible, background Enclave Radio broadcasts delivered with a very desperate tone of dogmatic passion by the radio's new operators over at Falls Edge.)


02 - Mass Effect 3 Omega Score Omega Assault

The Enclave's final stand (Falls Edge combat theme)


Resident Evil Revelations OST-Revelations theme (full version)

Secondary Falls Edge themesong (2nd level, infested with Shock Troopers)

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