Flamma Puella
Flamma Puella
the Fire Girl





Tag skills

Guns,Repair and Speech


Fast Shot and Built to Destroy


Rapid Reload, Light Touch, Finesse, Bloody Mess, And Stay Back, Shotgun Surgeon, Jury Rigging, Stonewall,Pyromaniac,Hit The Deck and Adamantium Skeleton


Riot Shotgun;12 gauge, dragon's breath; Gecko-backed leather armor, reinforced; 20 Incendiary grenades; Shishkebab and 900 Bottlecaps


Mojave Express and Caravans



Flamma's parents were a desert ranger and a former "nurse" from a Legion scout group. Her mother was born and raised in the Legion and became a "nurse" and treated wounded legionaries but her main specialization was in repair and often took more care of weapons than people. One day she went in a Legion scout group wich was attacked by a group of raiders wich killed most of the group but she escaped. While trying to find a place to stay for the night after the attack she found a Desert Rangers's camp where she found Flamma's father and they felt in love. A few months later they had a child, Flamma, wich they raised with their best efforts. when Flamma was 12 years old a group of 40 raiders attacked the camp and she was one of the only survivors. She wanderer the wastes for 2 years alone until she found the city of Primm where she begun doing delivery jobs and continues to do until today every now and then. She also does mercenary work and goes as caravan guard. Her only reminders of her Parents are her father's riot Shotgun and skills to use it and her Mother's reinforced leather armor wich she kept repaired using her mother's teachings and even upgrading it with Gecko leather.

Theme SongsEdit

Megaman 3 - Whistle Concert (Protoman Theme)

Megaman 3 - Whistle Concert (Protoman Theme)

Wasteland 2 - Main Theme

Wasteland 2 - Main Theme

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