Name: Gary Guddman

Age: 47

Born: Vault 34

Race: Ghoul

Affiliation: Independent

Role: Scientist

Location: Boulder City

Personality: Nuetral Literalist


Level: 20

SPECIAL: Strength-5/Perception-6/Endurance-7 (-2 = 5)/Charisma-5/Intelligence-7/Agility-5/Luck-5

Tagged Skills: Small Guns, Science, Energy Weapons

Perks: Rad Resistance, Robotics Expert

Derived Stats: Endurance (-2) [Rad Resistance]

Armor: Scientist Outfit (DR 3/DT 0/Effect: 3+ Science)

Weapon(s): 9mm Pistol


Back when the Boomers left Vault 34, A fellow scientist followed with them in their footsteps, Gary Guddman, however paying the price of losing the priviledge to be called or call himself a human, and more rather a Ghoul from the toxic radiation that emitted from the Vault. Losing his hair and skin, and now having horid eye sight as compared to before, He relied on trusting the group he was following along with to the Nellis Air Force Base. Once they arrived to the Base, it wasn't long until he found that all the Boomers wanted to do was destroy things and have priviledge to weapons, Gary was disappointed having learned this, that the Boomers and him had different perspectives on how they should conquer this new world of a wasteland. Gary decided to go on a seperate path then the Boomers, and headed East. Not long after traveling, Gary came upon Boulder City and learning about the NCR. He decided to set up shop in Boulder City and discover what new things could come out off this wasteland and see If he could help it out, for the better.

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