Age: 21

Race: Asian/Hispanic

Role: Prospector, Mercenary (formerly)

Birthplace: Mojave Wasteland


Level: 13Edit


  • Strength>6
  • Perception>5
  • Endurance>4
  • Charisma>7
  • Intelligence>6
  • Agility>6
  • Luck>6

Tag SkillsEdit

  • Guns 51
  • Melee Weapons 57
  • Survival 59


Prospector's Bag (100 Lbs.)Edit


  • Gerald's Prospector get-up
  • Rattan cowboy hat

Weapons Edit

  • The Lumberer
  • 9mm pistol
  • roll of knuckle wrappings
  • Cowboy repeater (stashed)


  • empty bottle
  • caravan lunch
  • Tæles of Chivalrie
  • Sunset Sarsaparilla (7)
  • first aid satchel (1)


  • $20 NCR (5)
  • scrap metal
  • 780 bottle caps
  • 9mm bullets (356)
  • .357 Magnum rounds (7660)
  • Important key
  • Gerald's note


Gerald was born to wasteland scavenger Henry and former-vault-dweller-turned-caravaneer Mira. The pair met when Mira hired Henry as security for her caravan. The caravan was officially retired when they reached the Mojave Wasteland, in which Henry and Mira raised a family. After a few years making a living in the Mojave, Gerald was born.

Gerald, being born to two adventurers, learned much in his childhood; his father, formerly a "wasteland survivalist", taught him survival skills in the wasteland. His mother, on the other hand, taught him basic education she had received in her vault days. This has made Gerald an avid adventurer who was constantly curious about his surroundings.

Gerald's curiosity led him to become independent by the age of 16, leaving the nest of his parents to explore beyond the Mojave. In the course of his late teen years, Gerald explored numerous wastelands far and beyond. Though he has learned numerous lessons from his adventures, he still keeps his curious approach and cheery demeanor.

History as a ProspectorEdit

[to be written]

Crossing paths with CarolineEdit

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Ever's CrewEdit

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A New AdventureEdit

[to be written]

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