Grande Ronde City is a Cascadian city built atop the ruins of the Pre-War city of La Grande. It houses the headquarters of the Pre-War company known as Grande Pharmaceuticals, a source of medical supplies, and Vault 89, a minor source of resources and the vault where the founders of the city came out of.

Early History Edit

After the residents of Vault 89 forcibly opened the door and left the vault in 2150, they began rebuilding the city of La Grande, which was still relatively untouched by the Great War. The residents went on to form Grande Ronde City in 2154, named after the valley and river which flowed through it. Using the remaining resources from the vault, the residents quickly grew Grande Ronde City into a large and prosperous settlement.

The city grew prosperous, thanks to the abundance of food from nearby fields and farms, water from the Grande Ronde River, and medical supplies and equipment from the Grande Ronde Pharmaceuticals HQ. Thnaks to relatively low destruction, the process for making Stimpaks, Med-X, Mentats, and other types of medications and drugs are still around. But resources for making these items are rare. Because of the city's wealth, raider gangs began to attack the city relentlessly, trying to steal resources for themselves. The led to the construction of a wall around the entire city, meant to keep raiders out.

By 2200, the city was one of the largest in Oregon, it housed many citizens and resources. Growth was further hastened thanks to the introduction of the Union Caravan Company, which boosted the economy of the city thanks to trade with other prominent cities such as Malheur City.

Late History Edit

The city celebrated it's 100th anniversary in 2254. The celebrate, the local raiders launched an all out assault on the city during the celebrations, parades, speeches, food, etc. The attack was thwarted however, but at the cost of many of those in the city militia, including the father and older brother (Arthur and Bradley) of Owen Lee.

Oregon/Cascadia Edit

Grande Ronde City was on the brink of collapse, with raiders inside the city walls, when the Oregon Republic (now the Cascadian Republic) entered in 2265. The republics army wiped out the raiders in and around the city, causing the raider threat to be significantly reduced. Because of this, the city allowed the republic to enter and annex to city.

Present Edit

Grande Ronde City remains a large and influential city in Eastern Oregon. It is the center of power, and the capital city of the Cascadian state of Northeastern Oregon.

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