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Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Gregor Mactavish would be born to a Career military family on his father's side while his mother's side of the family was a large farming family of Brahmin herders. Being taught what is needed to live in a secluded area of the NCR therefore self reliance, however Gregor would be enthralled by the military stories of camaraderie and heroics from his father and uncle, both officers in the NCR army. During his childhood, Gregor would help work the farms between going to classes at the local school. <W.I.P. Will Add More Later>

Early Military Career Edit

Gregor would enlist in the NCR military at an age of fifteen, during his two weeks of training, he would become physically fit while failing to land his chance to get into First Recon with his Uncle due his poor marksmanship skills with a rifle, however was recommended to another Division within the New California Republic, 10th Mountain division. A division of NCR troopers who utilized light infantry raiding and infiltration tactics against enemy strong points. While not the unit he was always hoping to join, he donned the Black Beret with a Deathclaw Skull badge with pride once he was deployed into the Mojave with the NCR invasion. Participating in the first Battle of Hoover Dam and the Bitter Springs Massacre, however would be rotated back in California in 2280 keeping Gregor out of the Mojave from the second Battle of Hoover Dam. <W.I.P.>

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