"I now see that life in the Legion is not a life worth living. Now I see why my father saw it fit to at least permit my ascension from... being made cattle."
—Haley Casca

Haley Casca is a defected Legion Decanus that works with NCR. Though a woman, she was trained under her Centurion father's discretion.

Haley Casca
Born March 15th,
Race Human Caucasian
Affiliation Caesar's Legion
Location Mojave Wasteland
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. 7 ST

6 PE
6 EN
5 CH
5 IN
6 AG
6 LK

Skills Guns
Derived stats Hit Points:

Damage Threshold:

Apparel Modified Legion Armor
Weapons Machete
12.7mmmm submachine gun
On death all of the above


Disciplined, though open minded, Haley has an understanding mind, not bound by simple Legion mindsets of obedience to Caesar. She does not mind standing, often forgetting that she is. While she maintains her discipline, she retains an aptitude for defiance, mainly due to her instruction not needing to condition her for such.


Blond, standing tall at five-seven, and with a top notch physique, Haley retains an intimidating, though womanly figure of beauty and powerful grace.

Though with one or two scars, she has a feminine face, not entirely hardened by her training; with tan skin and blue eyes.

Equipment, Skills, and AbilitiesEdit



Haley wears a modified variant of her Legion armor; sporting desert camouflage trousers and boots with a jacket over the breastplate.


  • Machete
  • 12.7mm submachine gun



With marksmanship being her focus, Haley retains a top notch skill in guns and they're uses. Not to mention her melee combat and stealthing abilities are also high.


Haley Casca was born to a high ranking commander in Caesar's Legion. Her mother herself was a slave, though her father choose her as his own, and given Haley was the eldest child of ten, her father ensured that she be high in the rankings of the Legion by having her undergo advanced private training at a young age.

Throughout her training, Casca was never subjected to learning of true Legion life, which allowed her mind to be expanded beyond that of serving Caesar. An oversight, considering her tutors knew who her father was.

After proving her worth as a warrior and as a leader, Haley was given command of her own camp upon becoming of age. But it was not until a year had past that she was to lead an attack on a small settlement that she found herself truly questioning the Legion's ways.

After refusing her commanding officer, who was not under her father's jurisdiction, to attack the settlement and bring in more slaves, the officer decreed that she be taken to "where she belonged", meaning that she be used to bear children.

Through her superior training and determination, she escaped and ran away from the Legion, determined to leave it behind

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