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The Haven Intelligence Division is the secret service of Outer Heaven and thus is a division within The Fallen Angels. The HID specializes in stealth, intimidation and espionage and has gained a fearsome reputation due to this.

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Formed in 2294 by Outer Heaven in order to lead espionage operations, assassinations et cetera and lead by Sigvart Knoxon ever since, the HID has a fearsome reputation, rivaling that of The Enclave's Secret Service.

Only the best of the best in the Fallen Angels may join this division, here, they will be educated in the art of stealth, CQC, blending in with the enviroment at plain sight et cetera. Unlike the Enclave's Secret Service which is based more around infiltrating and then starting the brutal merciless violence caused by their technological superiority and great training, the HID blends in further. They're more than capable of sneaking in and out unnoticed and it usually takes hours before the enemy actually notices that something is wrong. Obviously, they're also falible. Once they're in combat, things turn around quickly for them. They're not armed to the teeth to maintain the illusion that they're friendly, they usually wear disguises and such. Once they're a target, they're in huge danger and can be rather easy to dispose. But then again, first the enemy must find out who the infiltrator(s) is. Even if they're spotted, they're no easy bait. They'll put up a harsh fight, they were trained to be a grand challenge even when all the odds are against them.


The HID focuses at fear and intimidation. They'll take out enemies one by one and hide them before they move further. Eventually, their enemies will realize something is wrong and sometimes they also understand that one of "them" are behind it. They'll panic trying to find out who's who and chaos will often occur. They're also known for violent torture, experimenting new weapons on enemies and as stated before, they're extremely hard to find.

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HID Theme

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