"Treat your gun well and it will treat you well back"
Jack Huntley is a B.Y.P.D Officer & former L.A.P.D Riot Officer And Mercenary who is currently residing in The Boneyard.

Background Edit

Jack Huntley was born in New York (Currently the Empire Wasteland) to a poor family in 2044. in 2062 he graduated from high school and went to college. He then graduated from college in 2065 and went off to be a Riot Officer for the L.A.P.D at the age of 21. He was a Riot Officer for 12 years before the inevitable came. he was unable to get to a Vault (like his Mother and Sister) nor get to a U.S Military Cryo Pod (like his Father) therefore he was exposed to high amounts of radiation in Los Angeles after the bombs dropped and eventually became a Ghoul while in a coma for 20 years due to the bombs. he then woke up in What now was the Boneyard beneath the rubble of the destroyed Los Angeles Police Department in 2097. he then had his first encounter with a Deathclaw not long after. he ran all the way to A Red Rocket Fueling Station in San Francisco. to his surprise a Perfectly fine albeit rusted Corvega was there. he then drove home to his Pre War House in San Francisco just to see that all that was left of it was a pile of rubble and a wall. with nowhere else to go he went to the Hub in 2099. in 2127 he became a mercenary and went to Texas Until 2145 where he became A Caravan Guard in New York where he learned a lot of his skills that he has in 2287. In 2235 he came to the Mojave and settled down in Novac where he gained Fame for being a Lawbringer and always wanting the best for Novac. in 2283 he went back to the Boneyard hoping to find some more Ghoulified remnants of the L.A.P.D and to his surprise he did find some and together they regrouped at the old Chryslus Dealership in The Boneyard and invented the Boneyard Police Department in 2285

Skills Edit

Jack is Very skilled with Assault Rifles,Sniper Rifles, & Handguns however is not as skilled with Laser Weapons & Heavy Weaponry due to his muscles being super decrepit due to him being a "Pre-War" Ghoul. He also is very good with repairing cars that are over 300-270 Years old due to them not having nuclear engines, therefore he was able to get a fleet of Humvees to restored order for use in the B.Y.P.D.

Health Problems Edit

Even before the war Jack was known for his Health Problems having a Polycystic Ovary and having Infected Kidneys and they only got worse as he was a Ghoul as he started having decrepit muscles and Knee Problems as well.

Apparel L.A.P.D Riot Gear (Pre-War)

Jack's L.A.P.D Riot Gear (2097-2284)

B.Y.P.D Riot Gear

Weapons Lawbringer (2066-2284) (Unique 12.7mm Pistol)

Colt Forty-Five (Unique Colt .45)

MP-153 Riot Shotgun (2066-2098)

Huntley Family Trail Carbine

Combat Rifle

Miscellaneous Huntley Family Photo
On death Huntley Family Trail Carbine (2066-2098)

Colt .45 (2065-2284)

John's R91 Assault Rifle

Armor Edit

Jack Riot Gear 2136

Jack's Riot Gear as of 2235


Jack's Riot Armor As of 2097

Jack Mainly uses his Signature L.A.P.D Riot Armor which has gone through many changes through it's almost 271 Years in use. the main changes are as follows:

(2065) Riot Gear is Requisitioned by Jack

(2076) New Helmet

(2098) Reverted back to old Helmet

(2136) Added Trench Coat, & Replaced Combat Pants with Jeans

(2236) Added hood

(2286) Removed L.A.P.D Decals

Weapons Edit

Jack's Main Weapons of choice are His Unique 12.7mm Pistol "Lawbringer" and A MP-153 Riot Shotgun. He also is known however to use a Colt .45, his dad's R91 assault rifle, & a Combat Rifle along with his Family Tradition Trail Carbine.
Jack Faren Unmasked

Jack Huntley Unmasked as of 2287

Quotes Edit


"This Ain't My First Rodeo"

"Well if you count getting half of the skin from your face stuck inside your helmet is good well then i have a Good life"

"I'm almost 300 years old and haven't turned feral, yet"



Jack Faren Unmasked 2145

Jack Huntley Unmasked as of 2145


Jack Huntley Pre-War

Jack Huntley Unmasked As of 2076

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