"Death smiles on all of us....I simply smile back through my scope and pull the trigger."


James Carter grew up in a paramilitary community that rose up out of the ashes of a Pre-war Air-force base located in southern Idaho. trained for combat from the time they could walk, citizens of this community are as close to modern-day Spartans as possible. at the age of 18 they are given a rifle, a suit of armor, and a backpack, then sent out into the savage wasteland in the ultimate trial of adulthood. James has wandered the wastes for about a year now, a lone wolf on the outskirts of civilization. if you hear his shot...then you weren't the target


Weapons Edit

  .50 BMG suppressed anti materiel rifle: currently equipped
  customized silenced marksman carbine (also known as "All American"): currently equipped
  berretta 9mm silenced pistol: currently equipped
  K-bar fighting knife with tactical sheath: currently equipped
  .308 caliber customized silenced sniper rifle: currently cached in outskirts of New Vegas

Armor Edit

  pre-war desert ranger combat armor: currently equipped
  pre-war prototype Mk 117 powered combat skin: cached in outskirts of new Vegas
  pre-war desert ranger combat helmet: currently equipped
  pre-war riot gear:cached in outskirts of new Vegas
  pre-war riot helmet:cached in outskirts of new vegas

Factions Edit

currently affiliated with no factions other than that of his home-town

skills Edit

excels in Melee/unarmed, guns, and explosives.


 Strength 7
 Perception 10
 Endurance 6
 Charisma 5
 Intelligence 6
 Agility 8
 Luck 4

Appearance Edit

standing at a flat 6 feet tall and weighing in at 175 pounds he presents an imposing figure. hair is an unnatural platinum color, spiked up in a warhawk when not wearing a helmet. is partially blind in the left eye with nasty scar tissue bubbling across the left side of his face from an old chemical burn. his good eye is a pale blue, his bad one milky white. tribal tattoos scrawl up his right arm from the wrist and down his left to his elbow.

skills Edit

 barter 50
 energy weapons 15
 explosives 75
 guns 90
 lockpick 25
 medicine 50
 melee weapons 40
 repair 65
 science 25
 sneak 95
 speech 30
 survival 55
 unarmed 93
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