James in full armor

At the age of 4 his town was attacked by the Great Khans in revenge of the Bitter Springs Massacre. His father told him to run and hide in the shed. He did as he was told and as he hid, he heard the screams of his friends a family being slaughtered. The only survivor was him, lost and alone James was tooken in by the same people who destroyed his life. On his 16th birthday he waited for every Khan in his village to fall asleep he then used a silenced SMG to kill every single thing in the village. Before he left the village he rose a banner saying "Paybacks a BITCH" over the pit of burning bodies for all the Kahn's to see. He then set off to New Vegas. After months of fighting and roaming he finally reached New Vegas. During his travels he found a book about a military unit called The Devils Brigade. Awed by there heroism in the book he began planning a way to finally avenge his town and "save" the wasteland. He began creating a group of NCR retirees and any other volunteers called the The Devils Elite in honor of the brigade to combat the Great Khans and anything else that dares put the wasteland in danger. The Devils Elite grew in strength and became allies with the Boomers which no one thought was possible. The then became a sort of hitmen for the NCR hired to hunt down Great Khan and Legion which they do with no remorse and despair. And at the front of the missions is James MacKellen whos skills have become a feared and respected thing through out the wasteland still fueled by revenge, hatred, and violence.
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