"Luck is a very thin wire between survival and disaster, and not many people can keep their balance on it."
—Hunter S. Thompson

Jason McOrn is a mercenary from the Capital Wasteland. With uncanny luck.

Jason McOrn
Rivet City, Capital Wasteland
 AffiliationGun Runners
 RoleWasteland Ranger
 Current  locationMojave Wasteland
 S.P.E.C.I.A.L.S: 2
P: 8
E: 1
C: 1
I: 6
A: 1
L: 10
 SkillsEnergy Weapons
Melee Weapons
 ApparelArmored Leather Duster
Lucky Shades
  • Electrified Assaultron Sword
  • Combat Knife


  • Anti-Material Laser Sniper Rifle
  • Rapid Capacitor Laser Pistol
 Aid itemsStimpacks
 Other  itemsPIP-Boy 3000 A Series


Born in Rivet City in the Capital Wasteland, Jason was born and raised to be tough by his father, a former mercenary, but touched with luck given by his mother. On the boat, be also learned of good values thanks to the sermons of the priest of Saint Monica's.

When he was old enough to be rebellious, he left Rivet City on bad terms regarding his parents and love life. He bought a laser pistol and a set of leather armor and set out to find his fortune. Though he lacked skill in surviving the Wastes, he owed it to Luck and God that he didn't die. He found and restored an experimental laser sniper rifle and made it his signature weapon aside from his Shishkebab as he fought raiders, slavers, and even took on Super Mutants.

Eventually, after the activation of Project Purity and the Brotherhood-Enclave War, he heard of the Mojave from a cart trader and set out through Texas and up Arizona until he came across an unfortunate Legion camp with a single poor slave girl, Fiona Barker. He set her free and set out into the Mojave with her for adventure.

Jason's E-Weapons

Jason's Anti-Mat Laser Sniper Rifle, Rapid Capacitor Laser Pistol, and Electrified Assaultron Sworf

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