Jay Hawkens
Born 2059, Pacific Northwest
Race Human
Affiliation Vaults
Role Freelance Sniper
Location Unknown
Level 20
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Strength - 6

Perception - 6 Endurance - 6 Charisma - 5 Intelligence - 6 Agility - 6 Luck - 5

Skills Guns - 65, Speech - 55, Medicine - 60
Perks Sniper, Scrounger, Hand Loader, Rapid Reload, Comprehension, Swift Learner
Derived stats Hitpoints - 350, DR 18
Apparel Armored Vault Tech Jumpsuit
Weapons AR-15, Colt M1911, Scoped M14
Miscellaneous Ammo, MREs, Clean Water, Binoculars
On death Colt M1911, Ammo, MREs, Clean Water.
"The world has changed from the way I knew be before the nuclear war. It is a dark hell hole but I have faith that someday humanity will restore its self."
—Jay Hawkens

Jay Hawkens is a vault dweller on a quest to find some faith in humanity and help restore it.

Background Edit

Jay was born on August 11th, 2059 to a normal American family. He grew up like every other kid on the block until he was 13 and his Veteran father taught him how to use a gun. As tensions were brewing between the United States and China his parents got a place in a Vault so that way if a nuclear war breaks out they would be safe from armageddon. The Vault number was a secret one built by Vault Tech in order to rebuild humanity after a nuclear war, it was #199.

Into The Vault Edit

On October 21st, 2077 the people who were admitted into Vault 199 were told to enter the vault, thankfully Jay and his family were unaware of what would happen 2 days later as the outside world was changed forever... During the first night being in the vault Jay, along with every other occupant was cryogenicly frozen so that way they could be the ones to rebuild the post apocalyptic world on the outside.

After 195 Years

It was 195 years before the Jay and the people of Vault 199 awoke, got their jobs, and resumed a daily life in a vault but it was time for someone to go out side and see the outside world so Jay volunteered and was given the proper supplies to go outside of the vault. Not knowing what he would face Jay prepared himself for the worst.

Life Outside


After Jay took his first steps outside of the vault he was in utter shock to see what the world he once knew had become. He walked through the closest town only to get shot at by Raiders and get a bad first experience of that the new world was like. This was his very first time shooting and killing people but after being attacked Jay knew that he would encounter this often.

Personality Edit

Karma: Good

Jay is a silent kind of person who likes to be alone. He tends to stray away from people in general due to having bad encounters outside of the Vault. He will trust you and talk to you as long as you pose no threat to him, other wise you'll get a bullet through the head at a very long range.

Due to growing up with a military father Jay is very a respectful person and one that is honorable, he will stand up for what he thinks is right and protect the innocent.

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