Jewel Shier, Age 20, As Of 2281

"I'm Not Afraid To Die. Its Just Getting Out Of One Car And Into Another."

Jewel Thomas Shier
Born July 10th, 2261

Cougar, Former Washington State

Race Human
Affiliation Followers Of The Apocolypse
Role Teacher


Location Freeside, Former Nevada
Level 10
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. 4 S

8 P 5 E 7 C 6 I 5 A 5 l

Skills Melee Weapons

Sneak Speech

Perks Confirmed Bachelor

Friend Of The Night Educated Strong Back Fight The Power

Derived stats HP 245

DT 0 Skill Rate 15 AP 80 Crit. Chance 5% Reload Speed 0 Melee Damage 2.5 Unarmed Damage 1.75 Carry Wgt. 250 lbs Poison Res. 20 Rad. Res. 8

-Jewel Shier

Biography Edit

Jewel Thomas Shier was born July 10th, 2261 in a small town called Cougar, based in the ruins of Vancouver, Washington State. His parents were apart of a group of people who escaped Vault 6, which was exposed to radiation once a day as a Vault-Tech experiment, turning the residents into ghouls. His group turned into a gang called the Rad Rebels, and they took over the small town.

Two years before Jewel's birth, his sister Bethany was born on April 15th, 2259.

In December of 2269, Cougar was taken into a terrible nuclear winter, and the Rad Rebels migrated south to Arizona, where they set up a camp as a tribe. Whiten a year of settling, the Rad Rebels were attacked by the Legion, and became one of the conquered 86 tribes that made up Cesar's Legion. Jewel's parents were killed, Jewel escaped, but Bethany was captured. Jewel, along with other survivors, tracked down and killed the Legionaries who took her and several other captives, at only 9 years of age

After departing from the other survivors, Jewel and Bethany were found by the Followers Of The Apocalypse and brought in. Jewel stayed and became the Freeside Teacher, while Bethany left to join the NCR, only to be killed during the first battle for the Hoover Dam. Jewel still holds a grudge against Legion and NCR to this day.

Jewel is bi gender, So he goes by Male/Female pronouns, and is also dating fellow Follower Ignacio Rivas

Weapons Edit

Jewel has a Colt Single Action Army Revolver He Named Ivory, But Primarily Uses His Light Cavalry Sabre He Found In A Pre-War Museum.


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