Joseph Irish
Born Unknown, NCR
Race Human (Caucasian)
Affiliation New California Republic (formerly)
Caesar's Legion (formerly)
Outer Heaven (formerly)
Gunners (formerly)
Role Just another man, trying to make a living in the wasteland.
Location The Commonwealth
Level 53
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. 3ST, 10PE, 1EN, 8CH, 3IN, 10AL, 9LK
Skills Skills are dead comrades, skills are dead...
Perks (FO4) To be added
Derived stats Hit Points: 241
Damage Threshold: B:88, E:79, R:15
"Did you know that I died once? Not that I'd remember it. But from what I'm told, I did."
—Joseph Irish

From west to east, one man has been traveling. Joseph Irish, soldier, legion pawn, twice a mercenary and like most, out for himself. Joseph Irish has been traveling the wastes for years, doing what he does best. Surviving. He is loyal to no one particular, he simply takes the oppertunities he gets. He's not out to hurt people unnecessarely. He's simply out to survive.

Background Edit

Joseph Irish was born at some point in time in the New California Republic. Exactly when and where is uncertain. True to his current nature, he was born to one of the few remaining nomad families in the NCR, and like then, he usually does not stay too long in one place. At most, he and his former family stayed in a certain region for a year or so.

As is common in the wasteland, he didn't get to know his parents for very long, as they were killed in a raider attack at some point while he was staying in Shady Sands. What is known is that he was very young, and while he did grieve, he quickly moved on. In Joe's opinion, such things are things that the people of the wasteland need to become accustomed to.

In the NCR Edit

Staying in the NCR was as close to torture as Irish could get. He had been a nomad all his life, and instead, he had been restricted to an orphanage. While in the orphanage, Irish was a rulebreaker. While avoiding violent confrontations in the orphanage, he certainly had no problems with pulling pranks. He stayed here for most of his early childhood, before eventually being adopted at an unknown age.

He himself has commented that "he went from a concentration camp to a prison camp that lacked walls." This family, as expected, was nothing like his former family. They were no nomads, as all they did was to live a typical NCR life. Working at farms, occationaly finding new jobs here and there, the usual. It didn't take but a few months for him to leave his family behind. According to Irish, he became involved with a street gang at some point, however, his tales seem very over the top, and few believe what he may have done in the street gang, and some even believe he's making up his entire past.

"Why do I hide my age? No particular reason. It's just fun to keep people wondering. Why my past? Same reason."
—Joseph Irish
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