Joseph Warnslough was the founder and only CEO of the Pre-War company Grande Pharmaceuticals.

Brief History Edit

Joseph Warnslough was born February 17, 2021 in La Grande. He excelled in school and graduated a year ahead, just before his father died, in 2043. He went on to be admitted to the Northwest Commonwealth University in 2044. There he studied medicine, business, and several smaller classes. He graduated in 2048.

Joseph Warnslough married Samantha Shole in 2052. He then proceeded to complete his lifelong goal. Forming a business. Joseph Warnslough, after 3 years, founded Grande Pharmaceuticals in 2053 in La Grande, Oregon. The idea of this business was to seal cheap medical supplies, equipment, and chems to combat the rising giants of the medical and pharmaceutical world. He helped with the creation of the Warnpak and Pain-b-Gone.

Before the Great War, Joseph Warnslough was visiting one of his production facilities in Seattle. During the trip, he impregnated his wife for the fourth time on October 20, 2077. The child would never be born though, as the Great War killed Joseph's family, and his pharmaceutical empire. Jospeh survived the bombs though, only to be killed by radiation poisoning on October 30, 2077.

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