La Grande was the county seat of Union County, of the state of Oregon in the Northwest Commonwealth until the Great War of 2077.

Background Edit

The first permanent settler of La Grande was Benjamin Brown in 1861. Not long after, the Leasey Family and 20 others settled the area. Originally named after Benjamin Brown, known as Brown's Fort, Brown's Town, and Brownsville, the name was changed once the post office was established in 1863 to La Grande.

With the Resource and Sino American Wars under full swing food rationing was put into place and much of the food produced was sent to the United States Army, Mexico, and the Great Midwest Commonwealth. With strict rationing and punishments, La Grande became a hot bed of rioting and theft. The National Guard was called in to deal with rioters, leading to several deaths and incidents until rioting died down and Power Armor troops were sent in early 2077.

Before the Great War, La Grande experienced an economic and population boom. The housing market met record high demands, the manufacering sector soared, and unemployment hit a record low by 2050. La Grande was on track to become a major player on the Commonwealth level until the Resource and Sino-American wars.

La Grande was chosen for the site of Vault-tec's Vault 89 and construction began in 2065. Due to resource and labor shortages-thanks to the rioting populace and overall size of the vault-construction was finished in 2072; 7 years later.

Major Locations Edit

La Grande housed several headquarters and/or facilitates of large companies, as well as historical landmarks and government facilities.

Important Events Edit

  • 2037-A WonderGlue adhesives facility is established in La Grande
  • 2052-Grande Pharmaceuticals is founded in La Grande
  • 2054-La Grande receives an influx of troops to oversee materials for military weapons and the construction of a United States Army base
  • 2054-Sunset Sarsaparilla opens a bottling facility to combat Nuka-Cola for controll of the Northwest Commonwealth market
  • 2057-Construction of a military base begins just outside La Grande
  • 2260-Construction of the Brown Military Base is completed
  • 2065-Construction of Vault 89 begins
  • 2267-Nuclear missles pass through La Grande en route to ICBMDF-Oregon
  • 2272-Construction of Vault 89 is finished after labor and resource shortages
  • 2270-Chryslus Motors opens a new plant in La Grande
  • 2271-The Friz-Cola Company is founded in La Grande to combat Nuka-Cola and Sunset Sarsaparilla
  • 2268-2277-Protests and riots ensue against food rationing due to the Resource and Sino-American Wars
  • July 4, 2276-Grand celebrations begin in La Grande to celebrate the Tricentennial of the U.S.
  • February 12, 2077-Troops in Power Armor are deployed in La Grande, a hotspot of Food and Automation riots
  • October 23, 2077-The Great War begins and ends. La Grande is targeted by two nukes, one for the city and one for its nearby military base. ICBMDF-Oregon disarms the missile headed for the main city, the base suffers a direct hit
  • October 23, 2097-Residents of Vault 89's Group Alpha begin repopulating La Grande, using their G.E.C.K. to revitalize to area
  • 2099-The disarmed warhead in La Grande explodes as the Alpha Group attempts to disassemble it
  • 2150-Residents of Vault 89's Beta Group begin to repopulate La Grande. They use their G.E.C.K. in the city
  • 2154-Grande Ronde City is formed by the dwellers of Vault 89s Beta Group


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