La Grande was a city in the Pre-War state of Oregon, located in Eastern Oregon along the Grande Ronde River.

Important Events Edit

Pre-Divergence Edit

For some important events in La Grande before the Divergence, look here.

Post Divergence Edit

  • 2037-A Wonderglue facility is established in La Grande
  • 2049-Sunset Sarsaparilla opens a small bottling facility in La Grande
  • 2052-Grande Pharmaceuticals is founded in La Grande
  • 2054-La Grande receives an influx of troops to oversee materials for military weapons and the construction of a United States Army base
  • 2054-Ground is broken for the construction of Vault 89 in La Grande
  • 2057-Construction of a military base begins just outside La Grande
  • 2260-Construction of the Brown Military Base is completed
  • 2264-Vault 89 is completed after prolonged labor shortages and lack of resources. It contained two G.E.C.K.s and was to be used as a control vault.
  • 2267-Nuclear missles pass through La Grande en route to ICBMDF-Oregon
  • May-Sept, 2066-Due to food rationing in Denver, Colorado, the National Guard is called into La Grande to secure food from local farmers and stores in the area
  • July, 2066-Riots break out in Downtown La Grande to protest the National Guard taking food. The U.S. Army is called in to settle the dispute
  • July 27, 2066-U.S. Army officials arrest potential leaders of the La Grande Food Riots, and either send them to prison or to be executed in private for being, 'Chinese Spies'. More rioting ensues
  • August, 2266-The National Guard and U.S. Army are pulled out of La Grande as riots end and food is secured
  • 2267-More and more American troops use La Grande as a rest stop while heading to Alaska on I-84, I-82, I-90, and I-5 to combat the Chinese in Anchorage
  • 2270-Chryslus Motors opens a new plant in La Grande to help with the shortage of its new Fusion Cars
  • 2271-The Friz-Cola Company is founded in La Grande to combat Nuka-Cola and Sunset Sarsaparilla
  • July 4, 2276-Grand celebrations begin in La Grande to celebrate the Tricentennial of the U.S.
  • October 23, 2077-The Great War begins and ends. La Grande is targeted by two nukes, one for the city and one for its nearby military base. ICBMDF-Oregon shoots down the missle headed for the main city, the base suffers a direct hit with a minor nuclear explosion do to failures in the Chinese bomb
  • 2150-Vault 89 opens and the dwellers begin to repopulate La Grande. They use one of the G.E.C.K.s in the city.
  • 2154-Grande Ronde City is formed by the dwellers of Vault 89. They use the remaining G.E.C.K. to revitalize the surrounding area


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