Lincoln after Sigvart sent the city into yet another apocalypse.

After the bombs fell in 2077, Lincoln was utterly destroyed. Most citizens couldn't handle the radiation and turned into mindless ghouls. The city was eventually settled on by The Fallen Angels in the year 2280 and a restoration project was in hand. However, in the year 2285, the city was utterly destroyed once more by a nuclear launch from The Divide caused by Sigvart Knoxon in order to ensure that Caesar's Legion didn't get a hold of any advanced weapons that the FA held.

The Fallen Angels HQEdit

In the year 2280, a rouge Brotherhood of Steel unit in the Capital Wasteland escaped from Brotherhood Paladins seeking to destroy the rouge unit. They stole a savlaged and repaired BoS Carrier VTOL and landed in Lincoln. There, they found almost nothing but ghoul hordes, but they believed that they could end the infestation and restore hope for survivors in the area. They set up a base of operations in Central Lincoln and started to keep the ghoul hordes at bay while recruiting survivors. Eventually, the ghouls were almost wiped out and the FA begun restoring the city, eventually becoming a city-state and later a nation.

The Fallen Angels were involved in the war between Ceasar's Legion, the NCR and The Strip in 2281 by attacking North Eastern parts of the Ceasar's Legion, creating the Coloradan Occupation Front. The Legion faced heavy losses and they weren't capable of fighting both the NCR, The Strip and The Fallen Angels. Not to mention that they had two fronts to fight, and the bulk of Ceasar's army was in the west. In 2284, The Legion managed to get a ceasefire treaty with the NCR and The Strip. This allowed them to focus the war effort against The Fallen Angels. By the time one year had passed, they closed in on Lincoln.

The Second ApocalypseEdit

Sigvart, realizing that the war was lost, had to destroy all the technology which The Legion could scavange and use against the world around them. If The Legion had gotten their hands on it, they could easly defeat the NCR and The Strip as well as other tribes around them. As such, Sigvart went on a journey to The Divide and at the end of the journey, he found a controll room with access to a portion of The Divide's nuclear missles. He communicated with what was left of The Fallen Angels and the citizens of Lincoln and ordered them to evacuate, saying that The Legion was about to launch a nuclear holocaust. He lied because he intended to rebuild and because he knew that it had to be done in order to save many more. Then, he launched the nukes. Lincoln became a radiated wasteland once more.

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