"Dont Mean A Thing"

-Logan Anderson

NCR Ranger
Logan Anderson was a US Army Ranger before and during the Great War. While stationed at Fort Benning word of the bombs came out, he began planning an escape from the base and a way to find shelter. That night he stole a jeep and M1 Garand and took it to a vault. After the bomb was dropped his vault was attacked by ghouls and marauders with him escaping to become the only survivor. He then took his rifle and jeep and began travelling to try and find his family and fiance. After months of wandering, searching, and killing his jeep ran out of fuel and his rifle was broken to no repair. After miles of running from the dangers of the wasteland he passed out with the last sound he heard was gunfire. Days later he woke in a NCR recruitment center. Seeing no ponit in trying to navigate through the wasteland he called his country he joined the NCR. He rose through the ranks and became a Veteran Ranger. He became one of the most feared marksmen in the wasteland earning the name "Red Eyed Reaper" from all that feared him. He spends as much time as he can trying to find his family and fiancee until to many years passed and figured they had to have died by then.



  • Battle Rifle
  • Hunting Revolver


  • Riot Shotgun
  • 10mm submachine gun
  • Cattle Prod


  • Anti-Material Rifle
  • Sawed Off Shotgun
  • Tomahawk


  • Grenade machinegun
  • Grenade Rifle
  • Satchel Charge

Battles and SpecOpsEdit

 *Automatic Rifle
  • 10mm SMG
  • Bowie Knife


  • His favorite song is Stranded In The Jungle by The Cadets.
  • His favorite weapon is the Anti-Material Rifle,Battle Rifle,and the Riot Shotgun.
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