Inside the capital of columbia ridivivia

Los Lima Dulce was the underground Capital of Columbia Rediviva within the Tres Selvas located roughly around the Tropic of Capricorn. The city was hundreds of years old and was originally constructed as a solace of the nuclear holocaust but became a requisite shelter from the Tres Selvas extraordinarily hostile environment. Los Lima Dulce is home to over two million humans.

History Edit

Two hundred years of hyper-evolution prevented humans within Los Lima Dulce from leaving. This was do to oxygen levels becoming toxically high. Los Lima Dulce expanded using Vault technology to further it's habitation into the huge underground caves that were created after the collapse of South Americas tectonic plates, leading to the formation of other cities underneath Columbia Rediviva.

Eventually they discovered and began to harvest Oxygen Beans (Which is actually an exotic arcane tree root) that allowed them to breath upon the surface of Columbia Rediviva. Even while being able to breath on the surface the environment proved to be far to hostile to inhabit.

Sister Cities Edit

Four other underground cities connect to Los Lima Dulce via subway.

Daily Life Edit

As your walking by the clay house, your eyes suddenly follow an extension cord that leads into the houses little window. Peeking inside, You see it connects up to a mahogany television set. Little children within the house are running about watching and singing along to this playing on the little screen:
Bobby Darin "Dream Lover"

Bobby Darin "Dream Lover"

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