Madam Major

Madam Major is the nickname for an ex-NCR Army Major named Libbie Wallace in 2282. 


After the NCR's defeat at the hands of the Courier in the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, the Major, who was stationed at Camp McCarren right before the battle, brutaly murdered the members of her squad before disappearing from the camp. Being branded as a traiter and terrorist to the NCR, the Major suck refuge within the walls of New Vegas, where NCR law did not apply and they could not reach her. After an attepted murder by an NCR Ranger, she felt it was time to leave Vegas. So, she gathered what supplies she had and set off to wander the Mojave, enforcing the laws that Mr. House had done in the Strip.


Madam Major often carried varying supplies that she scavenges, but she has some gear that she keeps consistantly:

  • Dragonskin Tactical Armor + Helmet and mask
  • Dragonskin combat backpack 
  • Helmet mounted Night Vision Goggles
  • AKS-74u with red dot tactical sight and extended magazines
  • M14 with medium to long range adjustible scope
  • KA-BAR combat knife
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