Marcus White
Desert Ranger
Born Marcus Anthony White

July 2230 Mojave Wasteland

Race Caucasian
Affiliation Desert Rangers
Role Desert Ranger
Location The American Wasteland
Level 30
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. 5ST, 5PE, 6EN, 5CH, 7IN, 8AG, 5LK
Derived stats Hit points: 565
Damage Threshold: 22
Apparel Desert Ranger combat armor
Desert Ranger combat helmet
Weapons Marksman carbine
Frag grenades
10mm submachine gun
Miscellaneous Harmonica
Pack of cigarettes
On death {{{ondeath}}}

Marcus White is a Desert Ranger wandering the wasteland.


Early LifeEdit

Marcus was born to Desmond White and Mary White both of which were Desert Rangers. His Father Desmond taught Marcus how to shoot a gun and handle explosives. While his Mother Mary showed him how to survive and thrive in the wastes. They also told him that he should always protect the weak from imperialist aggressors and he does so protecting small towns and communities from raiders and tribals with his fellow Desert Rangers.

Ranger Unification TreatyEdit

The Desert Rangers came into contact with Caesars Legion in Arizona and a war ensued vastly outnumbered the war was going badly for them until, In 2271 NCR rangers reached the Mojave wasteland. Most of the Desert Rangers signed the Ranger unification treaty who were absorbed into the NCR in exchange for NCR protection of Nevada and the Hoover Dam from Caesars Legion. However some Desert Rangers like Marcus refused to join the NCR. Marcus believed the NCR were aggressive imperialists who would oppress and steal from the people in Nevada.


Marcus White now wanders the wastes protecting small towns and communities from raiders and wasteland creatures.


Marcus White is a kind,compassionate man he treats his fellow man how he himself would like to be treated.

Although Marcus has killed many people most of those he killed was in self defense. He still feels somewhat guilty about the men and women he has killed.

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