"I would not like to live in a world without large explosions"

Michael caboose was born and raised in vault 43. this vault was ,yes, one of vault-techs many inhumane experimental vaults. here they experimented with a refined version of FEV. Learning from their original mistakes in vault 82, the vault scientists were able to purify their strain of FEV to reduce the amount of random mutations, boosting the success rate to 100 percent. essentially they were able to produce super-mutants without the green-skin and other defects. After a minor incident involving the vault's reactor core Caboose was booted out of the vault and out into the wasteland by the other inhabitants.

(still a work in progress be patient, and yes I havn't made custom armor for him so no screenshots yet)


Strength 10
Perception 3
Endurance 10
Charisma 3
Intelligence 1
Luck 10

Weapons Edit

Primary weapon is a standard M16 SP series assault rifle with iron sights
Secondary is a 44 magnum revolver

Armor Edit

standard issue pre-war t51-b power armor( painted blue)
standard issue pre-war t51-b power helmet( painted blue)
"Eye safeties" gold polarized shooting glasses

factions Edit

NCR: good natured rascal due to a small incident involving a toilet and a mini-nuke. NOBODY'S FAULT!!
other: no other affiliations

Companions Edit

holds conversations with his Pip-boy...calls it freckles.
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