Michael Stone is a smooth, calm and confident con artist from the Streets of New Reno. However, after a job went bad he was forced to flee, and start a new life as a courier under the new name Mickey Bricks. After the death of The Courier, he was one of the four surviving couriers who were part of the Mojave Job.

The Life of a Con

Early Years

From a very young age orphan Mickey Bricks (born Michael Stone) knew he had a gift, people loved him. Not only that but good things happened to him, a lot. As a teenager he used his talents to make caps, placing bets on street fights (which he, in later years rigged) and running a small stool with a simple game. Find the ace of spades.

Three cards, middle one (the ace of spades) started face up, the other two were random face down cards either side of it, a mark would come up and Micky would bet they couldn't find the ace. He would then turn the ace face down and mix the cards around. Simple right? Of coarse the marks never won, it was impossible there wasn't even an ace to find.

Adult Life

By his late 20's Mickey was well know and well loved by all. No one knew he was a con, but that's just how good he was. However, during his biggest job Mickey met his match.

The Job

Fun Fact

His name is a reference to the skilled con Michael Stone (Mickey Bricks) from the TV drama, Hustle.

By Jasper42

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