Mojave Wasteland


Mojave Desert, Las Vegas.




New California Republic, Caesar's Legion, Brotherhood of Steel, Followers of the Apocalypse, Enclave

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The Mojave Wasteland is the stretch of land from the west side of the Colorado River, all the way into California. This is the primary setting of Fallout: New Vegas and, despite being a desert, has a large amount of resources when compared to the rest of the Wasteland.


The Mojave Wasteland is home to many factions in 2281, some of which hope to claim the bounties of Vegas for themselves. Examples of these include the New California Republic, Caesar's Legion, and Mr. House with his Securitrons army. There are other factions in the Mojave with smaller ambitions, like the Follower's of the Apocalypse who are attempting to spread a wealth of knowledge throughout the world, and the Brotherhood of Steel who want to keep technology all to themselves.


The Mojave is home to expansive deserts and many small settlements, but the biggest attraction of the Mojave is the illustrious New Vegas. Vegas is home to multiple casinos, and is watched over by the mysterious Mr. House. It also has the Hoover Dam, which has the capacity of powering a vast amount of the Wasteland.

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